December 14

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I am currently involved with the following community gardens and groups:

None at the moment as I am time poor.

I am interested in:

Anything to do with growing and making it yourself.

Watching tha Hass grow

A friend of mine grew a Hass avocado from seed and gave it to me before he had to go overseas.

I am not sure how old it was when he gave it to me, I suspect 3 months.

I will track its growth in this blog out of curiosity, as I read…

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Growing tomatoes from cuttings

Firstly, if this has already been covered I apologies. Doing a quick search I could not find any articles that covered this off. (I did not check all of the hundreds of post :-) )

Say you have grown some tomatoes, and one particular…

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  • hi robert i will be at the food swap tomorrow at the apex park brighton and will have some there .

  • welcome Robert :)


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