June 4

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This sporting life

Several of my pea plants have produced sports, or at least offshoots with very different characteristics. They are not from seed, but just growing out of the main stem of the pea plant. They appeared once the main crop was almost totally over. In…

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Back in the game!

This blog post actually started as a private message to Lissa about raspberries, but as I waffled on I thought I should share it with the world.

Should Williamette raspberries be losing their leaves? I have one cane that appears to be dying…

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  • Thanks Rob, Happy to come for a drive for the yellow dragon fruit cutting can you let me know when is the best day and time for you - I work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays so any other time is OK for me.

  • I was out trying to save my Dwf Avo and chocos this evening with a good drink, too late for those poor Tamarillos, and it actually started to spit. Just enough that I could feel these tiny pinpricks of water on my skin. Do you know of any good long range weather forecasters?

  • Hi Rob :)

    Tis the way of the hot weather.

    Pots are probably the safer option to get them going in this terrible heat. You can put pots in a dish of water when you go away also.

  • Hi Rob and welcome. Glad you found your way here ok.

    My online name is.....Lissa :) No surprises in this group. I'll send you a "friend request".

    Have a look at the Garden Visit group if you would like to check out other peoples gardens each month. All very casual but you need to be part of the group to receive the emails with addresses.

    There's lots of great groups covering all sorts of topics you might be interested in along with blogs etc.

  • welcome Rob :)


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