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Millen Farm

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All things that grow My website is: https://gourmettogrow.blogspot.com/


Brisbane Northern Suburbs

Allotment Gardening

Attached are some pages from an old gardening book Tash found for me.

I'll add the printed date tomorrow, if you'd like to, click on each picture and have a read (especially about bacteria in soil and nitrogen cycle, starts on page 29) and…

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  • Thanks! I have to plum plants in my garden. They are babes though. I have a bush flood gatden at work as a teaching resource but my garden at home is in its infancy. The plants are loving the rain though.
  • Thanks Rob.

  • Thanks for the welcome Rob.  I came across your Brisbane Local Food   site today looking for a source of Centella asiatica..  I feel lucky to have found such an interesting local group and look forward to being a member.

  • Thanks for the welcome, Rob. Such a great site, very  glad to be here!

  • Thanks Rob for your warm welcome.
  • Thanks for the welcome, Rob. I will be out of town for a few weeks, but look forward to utilising the site once I return and start gardening! 

  • No Gold here, except in new research.

  • Thanks Rob

  • Thanks Rob looking forward to learning a lot about gardens cheers Dion
  • Thanks Rob i am sure i am going to enjoy, believe me i let myself get so mixed up re problems in the garden, found a post by Lissa on gardening remedies and suggestions so interesting. Jen.

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