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I have a large community oriented web site about organic gardening and local organic food at www.cityfoodgrowers.com.au. I've been involved in a a biodynamic gardening group for the last 4 years in my local area of Samford and we regularly visit each others places to work on our gardens and enjoy each others company. Out of this experience my wife and I decided to form a community garden at home with about siz other families. This commenced 3 weeks ago. We are on 5 acres and have a large dam. The garden is in a beautiful full sun position and we have quite good loamy top soil which has received 4 years of biodynamic preparations.

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Organic gardening, localising our food supply and helping people to realise the joy they can get from working with others on growing food and how this can add positively to many other aspects of their lives. I also love playing tennis and being with my family and friends. I've been involved in a number of entrepreneurial activities over the years and I see that business can be used in a very transformational way and I'm particularly interested in the works of Christopher Houghton Budd on Associative economics. I have no formal training in organic gardening, just the school of life. I commenced my first vegie patch when I was a child and have been at it on and off ever since and I am now 51. My current patch is very productive and we also have some nice fruit trees. I've been studying organic gardening in the context of biodynamics for the last four years and among other things, this involves enlivening your powers of observation about what happens in the garden. This has really helped to deepen my understanding of organic gardening and my web site at www.cityfoodgrowers.com.au has come from this inner work.

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