June 6

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Gardening, small holdings, cooking


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  • Hi Michelle

    I'm attending a native bee workshop this Saturday, quite a long one for once from 9.30 to 3.30, so should learn a lot more about my darling little bees. I'm pretty sure the speaker, Tim Heard, also moves hives. He could possibly move your next swarm into a regular hive for you. I'll ask what the procedure is.

    My hive came from City Chicks - it does have a little honey catcher that can go into a hole in the top but I haven't put it in yet. I was advised to let the hive settle first. You don't get much honey from native bees unlike honey bees.

    I would love to just garden all the time - do courses, propogate etc. I'm a trainer in aged care and work is a little wierd at the moment - I would love to find another line of work, something with more stability.

    Enjoy your time away. You can always travel with a baby later on!

  • Morning Michelle

    You probably did mention December but I have forgotten!

    I will pot some up for you - just remind me when you come home and we'll get them to you.

    Do you mind me asking what line of work takes you around the world so much?



  • Hi Michelle. Cannot PM yet as you need to respond to the friend request I sent some days back. Perhaps you are away at the moment.

    I have Williamette Raspberry suckers with roots for you. How would you like to lay your hands on them? Are you coming to Donna's garden visit on Sunday? I could give them to you then, or you can collect from my place at Strathpine.

    Let me know your preference :)

  • Hi Michelle ... I had hoped to have more events on the northside - most members live southside. It hasn't really accomplished much yet :-( Caboolture Seed Savers at Burpengary are a regular event for "northsiders" or anyone willing to travel. Monthly meetings with speakers - Oct 22nd Herbs and Companion planting. I'd like to have more garden visits to the northside. In a way it's a waste of effort to have groups for different areas or interests but it just helps to focus the discussions more locally sometimes rather than being lost in a huge site with 1000 + members.
  • Welcome to Brisbane Local Food, happy gardening!
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