About me:

Permaculturalist. Gardener, bee keeper . Garden designer. Horticulturalist.

I am currently involved with the following community gardens and groups:

I am a member of the Northside bee keeping group and have both top bar and langstrop hives at home and on an urban apiary site. I am also presently researching warre hives as well. Love researching urban beekeeping and building hives .I hope to gain husbandry experience in all 3 hive types in the urban environment.

I am interested in:

Gardens and everything about gardens, Productive Gardens, Community, Organic Gardening, Responsible Gardening,Permaculture.Environment. Bees and beekeeping . Backyard poultry Boutique small scale urban agriculture / horticulture/ and silviculture adventures. I would very much like to be involved in a local network of food gardeners / bee keepers ,close to my home to share knowledge and produce.

I can offer (you can't offer too much or too little - we don't mind)

Information, Products and/or Services, Community Involvement

My website is:


What I am looking for:

Information, Products and/or Services, Community Involvement


Brisbane Northern Suburbs

I smell a rat

I found an old story that I wrote a few years ago.

Currently I have the stench of dead rat wafting over the garden and into the house..
Yes we got rats, we do not have any other problems with, possums, bush turkeys or even birds,…
Read more…


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  • Hello Mark
    Very sorry I got you confused with Mick. I was hurrying - the old brain is unreliable these days I'm afraid. I think it just goes 'short name, starts with M, second name has o sound'. Hopeless.
    I stole your magnificent rapunzely greens photo for the banner - I hope that's OK. I managed to lose the old photos.
    cheers Scarlett
  • hey Mark :)
    If you want to put an ad up for your business like Linda's on BLF I'm happy to do so. No charge. Just make an image file and I'll upload it. Needs to be the right sort of size.
    Let me know if you do it and I'll msg you my email address you can send it to
    Loved the wicking bed post with the photos - wicked :)
    cheers SJP
  • Hi Mark, dobbed you in to a man at the BOGI Fair today when talking about a 'really cool' homemade dial, he was interested in whether the person who designed it could come and demo it at a BOGI meeting... :)
  • Hi Mark, are you going to the September GV at Mick's house? If so can I get some seed raising mix from you... otherwise maybe the October GV at Jane Street?
  • Thanks Mark, I have locked you in for May - I look forward to seeing your garden!

    When it gets closer (or when you get a chance), please create an Event with the date that suits you best so people can keep it free. Personally I don't like to add my address, so I message those that RSVP with it a few days before.
  • Welcome to the Brisbane Seed Saver group, hope to meet you at the next garden visit on 7th November. There is a thread in the Seed Saver Group about October swapping (we missed the October Garden Visit - it is now in November) if you are interested in any seeds please let me know and I will make sure I bring them along.
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