March 28

About me:

Organic gardener & seed saver. I'm currently looking for Keriberry.

I am interested in:

Productive plants

I can offer (you can't offer too much or too little - we don't mind)

Information, Garden Materials, Gardening Help

What I am looking for:

Information, Products and/or Services, Garden Materials, Events, Community Involvement


Brisbane Southern Suburbs


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  • Hi Mark, you are welcome to have a cutting of the kerri berry but it is not looking that healthy at the moment.  I've started to give it a bit more water and hopefully it will pick up.  Never had any fruit off it yet -> planted it last year.  I'll let you know if it looks any better soon and if I forget, feel free to remind me :)  BTW, I bought mine from DALEY'S ONLINE FRUIT NURSERY-> where I get most of my stuff.  I had to wait a while but you can sign up for a notification when they have it in stock.  They have a really good range and good quality stuff and I try to recommend them when I can as they are a quality local business. 

  • Welcome to Brisbane Local Foods (BLF) Mark, Here at the top of the page, you will find many GROUPS you may like to join, one is the GARDEN VISITS, 2016 GARDEN VISITS CALENDAR here. I am sure you would enjoy visiting our member’s gardens. We have members who grow many different kinds of Gardens, Permaculture, Aquaculture, Wicking Beds, Traditional and many more. The GV's are usually held once a month. At the GV's we share cuttings, plants, produce, seeds, knowledge as well as a good chat and a lovely Homemade Morning Teas.

  • Welcome to the site Mark.  

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