October 5

About me:

Self employed and work from home Have given farming a go before + citrus, maccas Earthmoving,crane ,truck and equipment hire. Hardware/hire +importing

I am currently involved with the following community gardens and groups:

BLF, and just building my own hobby farm

I am interested in:

growing, learning and showing others how to Trying the back to basic approch Worm farming Soil health Recycle reuse or reinvent

My website is:



Brisbane Northern Suburbs

How to make compost tea

Food growers have long added nutrients to their gardens by soaking manure or compost in containers of water and pouring the resultant brew on their plants. But according to soil microbiology expert Dr Elaine Ingham, this traditional method of…

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  • Congratulations on the multiple wins at the Pine Rivers Show last week Mark and family!

    I believe there were multiple first prizes. One of which was for huge healthy silverbeat, and another for delicious gooseberries.

    Well done mate!

  • Hi Mark.  Stuff seems to vanish from your home page at random.  It looks like they are replies dressed as statuses mostly.  Good luck with that one brother.  

  • It looks like my hotmail was to hot.
  • HI Mark,

    I've sent you a pm with my address and number on Tuesday, are you still coming today?  Let let me know.

  • Oh dear - they took their time didn't they. What was that? Two weeks offline?

    I'll send you a PM (Personal Message) Mark. Check your inbox top right. It's the best way to have a private conversation :)

  • Nice to meet you and your neighbours today Mark. Look forward to setting up a GV (Garden Visit) with you :)

  • Welcome Mark.  Enjoy the site and feel free to ask if you have any questions mate. 

This reply was deleted.