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I am currently involved with the following community gardens and groups:

Logan Food Gardeners Logan CAN

Extending my vegie garden

I was so inspired after our get together at Joanne Chungs place on Sunday, I got hubby to mind the kids and I ventured into the garden.  I extended the fence around the garden to incorporate a much bigger area and then I made a new garden…

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I love my vegie garden :)

My new vegie garden is AMAZING! All the rain and the awesomely furtile soil has allowed the seeds and plants to grow like triffods (but without the funny sound and thankfully they don't leave the garden to kill people).

My corn and…

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  • Thanks Florence.  It was great to be able to let people know about our community crop swap coming up.  

  • Hey Lyn, just heard you on radio! Well done :)
  • Hi Lyn, can you forward Joanne's address on to me please?
  • Hi Lyn

    I think that name change sounds good, I had seen the name Logan CAN inumerable times and had no idea what it meant :)


  • Thanks Lyn I will pass this info on to Karen, a new member of BLF who lives in Logan. She is keen to be involved.
  • Hi Lyn are you stillinvolved with a community garden starting up in Logan? I am interested in the details as a friend wants to be involved too and would like more info. Linda.
  • Congratulations Lyn. Glad it was a relatively quick process for you and all went safely and well.
  • Congratulations Lyn, Hailey's a good baby gave mummy a quick labour :)
  • Congratulations on the birth of litle Hailey.
  • congratulations! fantastic :)
    hey, my labours were both two hours also... it's a bit sudden but at least it's over and done with quickly, no? hope you weren't next to a freeway somewhere ;)
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