Pollyanna commented on Lissa's blog post HOUSE SITTING
"Lissa, that is a brilliant article! I've bookmarked it for the next time someone says, "I'm thinking about getting a house sitter, but just not sure..."
Hope you and your Mum are well and you've found a place with st least a bit of garden. Cheers,…"
Nov 17, 2022
Andrew Cumberland replied to Lissa's discussion The new amalgamated pickling thread (started with BREAD & BUTTER PICKLES ex Addy in 2010)
"Of course, I also do my pickled quail eggs.  The recipe should be is in this link at time 3.45.
Golden pickled quail eggs - Videos - brisbanelocalfood3 (ning.com)"
May 14, 2022
Andrew Cumberland replied to Lissa's discussion The new amalgamated pickling thread (started with BREAD & BUTTER PICKLES ex Addy in 2010)
"I thought I would find an old pickling discussion and pick it up.   We have a bread and butter pickle recipe above.  I'd like to share a very easy red onion pickle recipe.
Sweet Red Onion Pickle Recipe:
Thinly slice 2 red onions.  (I halve…"
May 14, 2022


Back in 2016 I was half owner (family member owned the other half) of a nice three bedroom brick house at Strathpine. My pride and joy was the extensive fruit and veg gardens and honey and sting less native bee hives.

Upon the death of my…

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Compared to Brisbane, there aren't many gardening related workshops on offer at Bribie so I was keen to support this one run by Helen Schwencke at the local library yesterday.

Helen has put out a wonderful little book full of colour photos…

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Question: What makes a house sitter a "professional" ?

I've seen ads asking that only "professional" House Sitters (HS) should apply. Is that a sitter who charges a fee perhaps? Or one with lots of experience? I'm tempted to say to these…

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  • Hi, Lisa.
    I left a comment in canavalia ensiformis/jack be as/sword beans post, too. I am very excited to find the thread about this legume. I am keen to buy the seeds or grow the plants. Would you be able to sell or share the seeds or plants?
    Please contact me at 0434191001.
    I'd love to hear from you
  • Thanks for the welcome Lissa, we're in Mitchelton. We haven't started running workshops yet, but that's on the cards in the future for us as a way of sharing information, educating the community and giving people confidence with handling their hives. We have over 40 hives now so there's plenty of opportunity to workshop a hive split or robbing honey if there's enough interest out there. 

    We have both log hives which we sell for $400 and normal boxed hives with 'honey supers' which we sell for $500. 

    Thanks for the tip on advertising and tagging. I'm still getting a feel for where everything is on the site. There's so much to see here!!!

  • hi Lissa. i have found this page and know that you have the wild betal leave,or la lot... i really want to ask you where can i buy it? or have it ?i looking for this leave to make a special dish for my husband birthday coming soon in november. i'm in gold coast and i willing to come to buy or collect them.
    many thanks for your help
  • Yes it is a bit "city", My this is my first time in a unit complex and having to deal with a body corporate. There are only 16 units and a high owner occupancy rate, the ages range from 1 to 80's, only one tenant was opposed to the garden on the grounds that it does not get too much of an eyesore - I can't see us having chickens anytime soon, but native bees.....

  • Hi Lissa,

    I am in Rosemont Gardens in Auchenflower, I have a herb garden already in a tiered window planter, have chilli, tomatoes, Snowpeas and Capcium in a garden bed all doing well and a lots of lemon tree trying hard. I was just given permission by body corporate to establish a new vege garden in a roughly 3m x 1m area near a pool so I'll be navigating the website for ideas - I saw the ABC article which piqued my interest

  • i,m very well thank you for your welcome.

  • Very pleased to join this group and so timely as I have wanted to do more in my ungrowable garden for so long! Maybe you can get your garden jollies in my garden and help me get started Lissa while you are gardenless atm!

  • Hey Lissa, saw an ad by you regarding bunya nuts, my girlfriend lives in Blackwater and has been looking everywhere to purchase some. She and her children and grandchildren really love Bunya nuts and would really appreciate if she could find where to get some from. We have come to a halt trying to find some and really know where else to look. Was wondering if at all possible maybe you could point us in the direction to purchase some. Much obliged Debbie Folkes (Ipswich Resident)

  • Hi Lissa Thank you for your message, for some reason Ning is not letting me reply!

  • This is similar to what we are doing, but our students are younger, some are starting 7th grade.

    Community College Hort Professor Prepares Students to Work in Indoor Farms of the Future


    When it comes to Controlled Environment Agriculture [CEA], Valerie Loew wants the U.S. to catch up with Europe and China before it’s too late. “The rest of the world is so far ahead of us, because they are so limited with their own resources,” says Loew, horticulture department head at Fullerton College. “They are taking advantage of this technology way before us because we have sunshine and we have water; but we really don’t. Between Europe and China, the amount of greenhouses they have is just off the charts. We need to start catch

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