About me:

I’m a mum of three active young boys between 5 and 8, slowly managing to get our steep-sloping block producing edibles.

I am interested in:

My aims are to reduce our family’s impact on the planet by bringing down our food miles, waste & energy consumption, as well as complete the chain in my sons minds about where food comes from. Also, there’s nothing like the taste of something fresh-picked out of the garden! I’ve had a functional veggie patch for a year now, ever since I had the lightbulb moment that I need to think differently to most of the online gardening guides to make things work in the subtropics, but that I can be successful if I plant the right things in the right way! Having completed a full year and the associated learning curve in the veggie patch, I’m now getting started planting an orchard/food forest to fill out a steep north-facing bank at the back of our house where nothing much has ever grown, but which should be perfect if I can get it established right. I’m excited and hopeful that I can make it work, and keen to research and see if I can set things up right from the get-go and avoid making too many obvious missteps.

What I am looking for:

Information, Plants or Produce, Garden Materials


Brisbane Western Suburbs

Extending the Season

Just curious as to whether anyone does anything to extend the growing season around here?  Most of the online growing guides talk about using cold frames or poly tunnels to extending the period that your plants are able to ward off freezing…

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  • Nice update Lily.  I reckon you need to offer your place for a garden visit.  Why?  Worried you don't grow enough?  Well, you'll meet a lot of other gardeners who also care about the planet.  They are a great source of advice.  They'll stand around and talk about your site and a heap of different ways you could chose to move forward.  They'll offer you free seeds and cuttings.  Now... shhh.... we have the best morning teas in the whole world!  

  • Thanks, Andrew! I’m glad to be here. :)
  • Welcome to the site Lily. 

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