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I am currently involved with the following community gardens and groups:

Have worked in retail nursery for over a decade

I am interested in:

Organic food production Enjoy anything involving horticulture I have 3 acres that I have been slowly been establishing an interesting, productive garden.


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  • Hi Karla.

    Please contact me. I have sent your a PM with my current contact details.

    Thank you.

  • It looks like Thursday 1pm is may be the best option.... Cheers George

  • Not to worry... lets try for 1pm Wednesday. Cheers George

  • Hi Karla, I transplanted native ginger last year and had the same problem, it did not do much but it also was a rather dry period. Is Monday afternoon 1pm a good time for you? The forecast is for rain on Sunday, hopefully it will soften the ground somewhat. Regards George

  • Hi Karla, one year ago you organized a GV at your place at Whiteside. One of many plants we discovered was Tiger grass. You indicated at that time that you may have suckers or root stock available of tiger grass. I am happy to dig myself if need be. Please let me know if you can help. Kind regards George


  • Checkout Lissa's top bar beehive page.

  • Welcome to BLF please join the garden visits in the group's Lots of fun First one is at Lissa's she has bees and garden should be informative. ;-))

  • Morning Karla

    3 acres to garden sounds like fun. Which area at you at?

  • Welcome to Brisbane Local Food Karla :)

    Please get in touch via message or the discussion forum if you need help finding what you are after, or in using the site.

    Otherwise simply explore, join the conversations and enjoy.

    All the best and happy gardening


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