April 19

About me:

Individual, Business

I am currently involved with the following community gardens and groups:

No community gardens or active involvement in gardening groups. I have been continuously involved in several Brisbane organic food co-ops for the past eight years. My background lies in teaching, more recently women's health advocacy and activism via grassroots community groups.

I am interested in:

Gardening and sustainability. Also social reform, I guess. We live on 5 acres on Brisbane's outskirts with an orchard and gardens we are attempting to cultivate using permaculture principles.

My website is:



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  • Oops - this means you won't get a full year of exposure from your ad donation - so I'll reimburse it. Sorry

    I'll put it in the post to your store


  • done :)

    it's small ('cos it's a horizontal design), but it comes up on every page

    I've made it so if you click on it, it takes you to the website - alternatively i could make it open up a bigger version of the jpeg - but i'm guessing the website option is better

  • Hi Jodie, I think I was reading about your initiative on ALS.  Good to see it getting off the ground. Welcome to BLF, hope you're enjoying the site. 
  • Wow, Jodie, you've a contract ahead of you! Wish Samford was a bit closer ;-) Keen to know how it goes, keep us posted!
  • The co-op sounds amazing, Jodie - will it be a legally-incorporated co-op?
  • Welcome to Brisbane Local Food, happy gardening!
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