November 23

I am interested in:

gaining knowledge about planting a sustainable fruit/vegie garden

I can offer (you can't offer too much or too little - we don't mind)

Community Involvement

My website is:


What I am looking for:

Community Involvement


Brisbane Northern Suburbs

As the storm rolled in

was out in the garden yesterday afternoon. The garlic chives were busting out of the little pot I had them in, so I repotted into a massive one. It is stressful for them to be repotted but we made it and now I have to water and nourish until it…
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  • Wow, you do good stuff with you pots Jess.  I'm normally too lazy to keep them properly watered.

  • Hi Jess
    No I didn't know about the grants - I knew about the scheme but not the grants. Alice-Ann on BLF was seeing if anyone was interested in opening their garden up under the scheme. Grants look interesting.
  • hi jess hope you find the site intresting & helpfull .
  • Welcome to Brisbane Local Food, happy gardening!
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