Jeff Kiehne commented on Christa’s status
"This is on you tube where looked for these type of onions and when received from different sources where the same onions and that they keep very well and survive if not looked after."
Apr 29
Jeff Kiehne replied to Dave Riley's discussion Syntropic Farming for the backyard
"The other option is to compact the vegitation like they do at landfill  where  use a compactor machine  and if remove the heavier wood  could -just crush and one possibility is to use air bags  like they have on trucks  because there must be plenty …"
Jan 24
Jeff Kiehne replied to Dave Riley's discussion Syntropic Farming for the backyard
"Where can Vetiver be grown as how cold  as here in Queensland  probably no problems  but if very cold winters does it survive."
Jan 24
Andrew Cumberland replied to Jeff Kiehne's discussion Birds culled as UK hit by largest ever avian flu outbreak
"I was watching that unfold. Frightening. "
Jan 12
Jeff Kiehne posted a discussion
Has anyone seen reports about avian flu  in local media because there seems to be wide spread out breaks  and fist saw report on podcast from USA  about bad out break in Isreal  and that they are importing lots of eggs  and if live in Isreal  not…
Jan 11

Chinese Seeds .

 Dozens of US states have reported mysterious seeds showing up in packages from China and are warning citizens not to plant them because they could be an invasive species.

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