January 4

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I am currently involved with the following community gardens and groups:

Port Curtis Organic Gowers & Seed Savers

I am interested in:

Organic Growing. Bushwalking. Outdoor activities.Cooking & Eating Healthy food. Spinning & Weaving.

Sex life of Pumpkins

I grow Jap pumpkins they just pop up when ready & need pruning to stop them overrunning the whole garden. Last year, a very wet year I dispaired of them setting fruit, lots of male flowers in Feb March & April but very few females which…

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Autum Planting in CQ

Would not usually start planting my winter crops here in CQ till at least March but the weather this year has tempted me to start early with some nice overcast days & light rain. Carrots germinated in a week, usually expect at least 10…

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Greenpeace Action

Right now, a group of beverage industry giants led by Coca Cola are taking the Northern Territory Government to court for starting the territory’s first ever ‘Cash for Containers’ recycling scheme. If Coca Cola’s lawyers win the case, it could…

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  • Thanks Jane! I lived in Emerald for 7 years when I was a child but never ventured to Beneraby. Looking forward to learning from your blog posts.
  • Hi Jane I thought I was in the process of downsizing too moved from House to house finally I thought when we got to Chermside this was it but my husband filled what was left of my yard of rambling garden with aquaponics and then announced he needed more land and promptly bought Blackbutt 17 acres He is looking forward to planting that out too.
  • Shockingly remiss! :) Don't know that got by. Fixed now anyway. Have a great Christmas up there Jane - must be getting hot for you too.

  • Thank you so much for the seeds Jane! They arrived in the mail today and I have put the fresh ones out to dry. :)
  • Sorry I meant Homegrowers Exchange, could not remember the name. think this site is better because it serves a smaller area, & those of you in Brisbane can get together.
  • Not sure which the WA forum is? I am a member of Aussies Living Simply, Red Chilli and have been on Homegrowers Exchange but don't post there any more.
  • Thanks Donna, will join when I have a bit more time
  • Welcome aboard, 30 years experience is very welcome!! If you join the Group Brisbane Seed Savers I am happy to post you seeds you are interested in - I usually create a post each month with what I have...
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