July 29

I am interested in:

travel food

I can offer (you can't offer too much or too little - we don't mind)


What I am looking for:

Information, Plants or Produce


Gold Coast Region


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  • I have a jungle of wild betel growing - you are welcome to come pick them.

  • I have plenty but am much further north...Since the plant is surging at the moment I'm sure supplies would also be available at Darra -- however there were none at my local market on Sunday from stalls that stock preferred Vietnamese vegetables.

    If you ring K&K Fresh at Darra you could ask if they have it in stock. That can be Plan B. At a pinch, you can still get the leaf frozen.

    If you want to harvest mine -- and get your own cuttings -- I'm at Beachmere.

    I was looking at it today and thinking I'd do the BBQ thing with the leaves this week.

    You can ring K&K at 3375 5205

  • I have Betel.  You'd need to arrange to collect it though.  I can't attend Susan's garden visit this month.  

  • Hi Hannah.

    I no longer own that garden with the plant growing or you would have been welcome to it.

    I could give you a small rooted cutting from the garden I'm currently in but sounds like you are after quite a bit for the dinner.

    I'll post your message HERE to the general forum and see if someone else can help. 

    All the best.

  • Good Afternoon Hannah, Welcome to Brisbane Local Foods (BLF).

    Here at the top of the page, you will find many GROUPS to join. One is the GARDEN VISITS, 2017 GARDEN VISITS CALENDAR here. I am sure you would enjoy visiting our member’s gardens. We have members who grow many different kinds of Gardens, Permaculture, Aquaculture, Wicking Beds, Traditional and many more. The GV's are usually held once a month. At the GV's we share cuttings, plants, produce, seeds, knowledge as well as a good chat and a lovely Homemade Morning Teas. 

    We have many subjects of interest, if you have any questions I am sure we would have a member or site available to answer that question.

    You may like to go into your page and change the Pea Leaf Avatar for one of your own, it makes it a little more personal and as soon as we see your own Avatar we know who it is. Please enjoy BLF…..

  • Hannah several of us have betel leaf - I got mine from a member - if you are going to Garden visits especially at Susans next one - often called GVs by members someone could bring you some I am sure 

  • Welcome to the site Hannah. 

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