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  • Hi there! I bought a kit from you (?) or your rep at the CREEC event last month, and this AM opened the box to start the process - so exciting! Just a question - the man who sold the kit to me said that we could harvest 6 kgs... but your website says 3-4 kgs....?
  • ok see you then. I should be there by 9.30am till about 12-1pm (I leave early if it's very hot).
  • Yeah, we'd be happy to host an event like that. We've just finished running a series of workshops and have the system pretty well organized.
    We'd also love some mushroom compost - I just can't afford to buy it at the prices I've seen you quote.
    Any ideas when you'd like to run the workshop, what times, what supplies do you need. Do you need cooking materials. We can do a promotional leaflet similar to our previous ones, which we show at the garden entrance - we get heaps of passers by, especially the Saturday market crowd. If you give me a direct email address, I'll forward some samples of our previous promotional leaflets. I'm usually at the garden on sat & thursday mornings, if you'd like to come by and check it out, or call me on 3844 9710.
  • Hi, welcome to the site. I'm sure I met you at the Davies Park markets some time ago. I'm part of the Jane St community garden, next door to the park.
  • our mushrooms are the best ever and we all covet them as they grow. i think the mix dried out a bit when i was away - i sprayed with about a cup of water, but it has still pulled away from the sides of the box (although now the top is moist enough). should I add more water until the mix hydrates and slumps back onto the box sides or is normal for it to contract like this?
  • Andrew, how do you know we are not the aliens and the fungi are really the true earthlings
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