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Quail tower

Finished new cage and has 98 birds in it. They look happy snuggling into the bedding and sandbathing.

Spent the morning fine tuning the feeders.9779345692?profile=original

The tower.

9779346091?profile=originalThe inside that qual poke heads into.9779346279?profile=originalInside the pen. The centre piece of ply goes all the way down with some cutouts to allow feed to flow into feeding chamber. Put some holes in the top so they could see the food.

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Looking like a productive summer.

Took some photos of some flowering fruit trees yesterday. Also have partially built a new growout quail cage with bedding and auto water cups.9779326673?profile=originalGrimal jabotacaba flowering.

9779328061?profile=originalHicks mulberry

9779327693?profile=originalBosworth lychee

9779329501?profile=originalLongan sprays9779331089?profile=originalWampie flowers

9779332088?profile=originalKiamana lychee9779332886?profile=originalPitanga flowers9779333475?profile=originalSabara jabo with tons of new growth9779334859?profile=originalSeeding canistel

9779336055?profile=originalPisang ceylon


9779337489?profile=originalStill a few oranges to go.

9779338094?profile=originalStarfruit always seem to be on these trees.

9779339076?profile=originalBroadleaf papaya.

9779339694?profile=originalRed mulberry

More pics in comments

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The Quail Train Steams Ahead

My latest batch of quail is my most successful yet. Set 140ish eggs. After 14 days they were candled and only 7 were discarded as unfertile, another 7 or so looked suspicious but couldnt be certain. Day 18 saw a large hatch of 65. With another 20 hatch on day 19. Then the next 3 days saw another 20 stragglers. This is symptomatic of a cheap incubator as temperature varies throughout chamber so rates of development differ. In the first week had only 5 fatalities(which is pretty good these things are fragile). Upon post moretom of all the unhatched eggs there were 10 that did not fully develop, the rest were developed but failed to break out of the shells- a sign of unstable humidity, once again because of my cheap incubator. Am in the process of organising a quaility incubator/hatcher for later in the year.  There is so much to learn but its rewarding to see progress. A couple of pics of the little fellas9779318075?profile=original9779320053?profile=originalItalian chick above

9779320858?profile=originalPharoah or wild type above.

9779321853?profile=originalEither a rosseta or tibetan. My fav colour.

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Last few weeks at Dougs

Been running around like a headless chook for the last week and a bit trying to get jobs done in the garden. On the weekend went and visited a fellow stfc member and took some date palm pups from his palms. Got a male and female medjool, a bisexual medjool and a bisexual honey barjee.9779318295?profile=original

The quail are feathering up. Collecting eggs to put anothr batch in tuesday night(so they hatch on a weekend).9779319666?profile=original

Pulled out some tumeric and ginger to freeze.9779319859?profile=original

Realised we have not bought any veges for a month!

Am harvesting nightly, lots of salads. Made a quail stew and beer battered trout on the weekend.9779320688?profile=original

The tomatoes are going gangbusters in the net house. Planted winter brasiccas out(kale,cabbage, cauli and brocoli)Still have more seedlings to plant out. My friends kids that are staying in my granny flat love fresh veges.9779321680?profile=original

Also had a visit from my physio that discovered I had moringa and wanted some cuttings and now some wants to buy some quail as well.

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Some Afternoon digging

Pulled out 22kg of sweet potatoes from one 400L grow bag this arvo. Also picked 12 seminole pumpkins (25kg)from one vine. Still have my ube's to harvest and some chilacayote that will round out the winter staples.

Picked some cucs and some eggplants and my daily quail eggs. Grabbed a snap of the bok choy while I picked some for dinner.Checked my 120 eggs in the bator. Feasted on some starfruit, miracle fruit,papaya and peanutbutter fruit.

Great way to spend the arvo.9779330264?profile=original9779330492?profile=original9779331678?profile=original

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Net house

Finally got my act together and built a fruit fly net screened dome tunnel. Only 6m x 2.4m but at the moment I am not allowed any more lawn space. Gotta be happy with my small victories!9779334258?profile=original

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Dougs Virtual Garden Tour 26/4/20 Part 1

Ok what an effort. This is new to me so it is a little rough, took me ages to figure out how to put the videos back together as my gopro  will only do 5 minutes at 2.7K then splits them up. I have broken the tour into two parts and will upload the second part later and it takes ages. Made a youtube channel last year to put up some videos not realising the time it takes. 

Anyhow this is the first part  

Hope its enjoyable

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Thinking about a virtual GV

Was thinking I might do a youtube video of a walk around the garden. It will probably take 20 minutes or so. Let me know if this would be worrhwhile. I am still happy if people want to come to my GV but can understand that certain age groups need to be careful.9779308898?profile=original
Have butchered some excess male quail. Beautiful on the bbq for about 12minutes.Some females have started laying, about 8-10 so far. Planting lots of seeds in case I have to feed some freeloading friends. They all usually laugh at me and my obsession to grow my own food, they are not laughing now.9779309687?profile=original9779311053?profile=original Found my first pitangatuba flower this arvo!

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This week in the Garden

Been a busy week trying to keep up with garden chores. The 60 quail are 5 weeks old and getting big, started building a brooder to keep in my garage.



Picking starfruits and acerolas.



Some fruit starting on a broadleaf papya plus our red papaya always produces.



Soursop flowers and a second round of muscadines on the way.



Seminole pumpkin vine has 12 pumpkins on it.



Tasty madronos


Gingers and tumerics loving the weather and my budda bamboo!



last pics of lush plants around the pool and a furry visitor I found



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How things can change in a few years

Made it to my first GV on the weekend, thanks all for being so welcoming.

Two and a half years ago I joined BLF and I was just looking back at some old pictures, wow how things have changed.  Last year till now I picked phalsa, blueberries,grumichamas,black jabotacabas,black sapote,acerola,guavas,peanutbutter fruit,mangos, lychees,longans, wampies,papaya, red and black mulberries, starfruit,miracle fruit,figs,dwarf amberrellas,ice cream beans, yellow jabotacabas, muscadines,9779325661?profile=originalmadrono and various citrus. Do not think that fruit trees are all long term projects.This pic is of a dwarf green coco that is only about 3 years old and 3 m high.

Dianne I will check with the boss about a GV here.Happy for late April or May.

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Whats in the ground at my place.

Thought I would share what ive got going on at my place. I have trees spread out a bit in different areas and half my trees are 2 -3 years old. The rest have been added incrementaly over those years. Ill grab some photos on the weekend when i'm home in the daylight.On the top side of my drive i have a wampie , 2 longans, 2 lychees, 2 soursops, a hicks mulberry, a white mulberry, a kp mango, 3 avocados lambhass,sirprize and pinkerton ( recently planted) a couple of large leaf jaboticabas and small leaf, 4 gruminchinas (2 black 2 orange) dragonfruit 2 passionfruit vines black genoa and prolific figs 3 young berries and 2 loganberries and a few moringas along with lilly pilly that was here originally.On the other side of my drive is a strip about 600mm wide that runs for about 10metres. Here we have parsley,thyme,oragano,chives,rosemary society garlic, aloe, sage,lemongrass ,mint,okinawa spinach and mushroom plant and a lovely hibiscus.On our front boundary between house and road, and pool and road. I have 3 yellow jaboticaba, 3 more large leaf and 4 more small leaf jabos, 3 black sapote, 2 braz cherry, 5 cherry guavas, a jackfruit, cannistel, ice cream bean,fejoa,olive,tahitian lime, kaffir lime,valencia orange, imperial mandarin,meyer lemon, 2 peanut butter fruit,abiu,sapodilla, cavendish and pisang ceylon bananas, 4 dwarf coconuts (2 gold 1 bronze 1 green) and a gruminchina and 5metre high lemon myrtle.Between the lawn and my work shed we have some huge bamboo (java black and buddah) another gruminchina a white and pink guava a loquat and tamarind.Behind the granny flat is a 4metre panama berry that was planted in december as a tiny 150mm plant. 3 red papaws, 2 achachas , a dwarf red mulberry, miricle fruit and acerola cherry and a few more moringas down near my shed. Off the granny flat are some posts with muscadine grapes growing up them which will be a pergola next year as they reach the top.In tubs i have water celery and kang kong.In pots i have dwarf blood orange and ruby red grapefruit.Wow it seems like a lot when i write it all down.I will be planting chilacayote, warrigal greens, luffa, winged beans,pidgen pea and welsh bunching onoins.Further down the track i would like to dig a large pond to grow water veges and for Rachel and myself to do yoga and taichi next to.My 4 ducks are khaki cambells and 2 started laying a couple of weeks ago. 2 of them still a bit young, but we had 9 last week so a good start.My chooks , have 2 brown and 2 blue leghorns, 2 australorps and 2 rhode island reds. Only one australorp is laying 5 a week, the rest still not old enough yet.My last animal is a big greatdane cross mastiff,staghound that is my gardening helper, can dig me hole in no time.Well thats about it i'll get some photos on the weekend.Doug
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