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Learning about gardening, growing my own food and passing on to my young sons a passion for the earth and satisfaction from gardening.

Donna's Garden - June 2011

My goodness, time just flies!  I have been having trouble finding time to garden, what with David who is now 5 and at 'big school' and Brendan who is coming up to 2 - my boys are growing up so fast!  With working full time as well I always…

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  • Hi Donna

    I hope all is well with you and yours


  • Hey Donna, did the post arrive yet?


  • thanks for the welcome!
  • Fixed - don't know what that was all about!

    cheers SJP

  • Hi Donna

    Are you able to approve photos and members at the moment? I can't. Am wondering if Ning is broken or if it's something wrong with my account :(

    cheers SJP

  • Hi Donna, I've uploaded it on my Google document, and shared it to the BSS iinet account.  Do you have a gmail account?


  • Morning Donna.

    Yeah, not seeing how they farm the quails is a big disappointment. I don't think Joseph realised we couldn't do that when he organised the visit. Will go one day with the Elaines though to pick up some meat and eggs and visit the markets as well.

    Hope this rotten wind dies down today - it's my least favourite weather.

    Take care


  • Thanks for the welcome Donna.


    Although Im miles away at the moment, I am really looking forwad to getting back home and getting my fingers dirty again.  Being in the UK has taught me so much about a different way of life, much of which is completely different to our sub tropical climate, but I know there are things I can take home and put to good use.  If nothing else, its giving me a renewed zest for my desire to grow my own produce, cook and enjoy the simple things in life.


    And I cant wait to get my girls (4 chooks) back when I get home.


    I am looking forward to using your site as a wonderful knowledge tool - so happy I found it!



  • Hi Donna


    Would Brisbane Seedsavers be interested in a spot at the Hillbrook Sustainability Day event?  I have been trying unsuccessfully to contact you throught the Seedsavers website.  We have many stalls coming on th day promoting 'grow your own food" in the Green Car Park and would love seedsaving to be showcased as well.  Sophie Munns will be having her "Homage to the Seed Project" stall promoting her seed message. LMK if you are free this Sat from 10am - 4pm or part thereof?



    Marilena Stanton

    Event Coordinator 0404 010 475

  • Hi Donna, I am sorry about your chicken's disappearance yesterday.  Hope she's found now?
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