Dianne Caswell replied to Andrew Cumberland's discussion Barb and Warren's garden visit 16 January 2022 in Garden Visits
"Thanks so much Barb & Warren for such a wonderful Garden Visit, looks like Graham may join the Golfing Vets after a long talk with Warren. Thanks Andy for a lovely Report, great photo of Jerome, good one for his 21st. Barb's garden is beautiful, so…"
Dianne Caswell is going to GARDEN VISIT - Sun 16th January 2022 - Barb's First Garden Visit - McDowall
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"Looks great Andy, what time is Dinner? Where you have written Read More... it is not coming on, on my computer. 

Home made curry. 

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Jan 5
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Jan 5
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"I would call that a success Andy. I totally agree with you Christa. Though I am once again finding it hard to get into the gardening thing at the moment. I am so pleased I have a Nearly/Partly/Maybe/Retired Graham who has been spending a lot of time…"
Jan 5
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"It is always a Bonus when you find something in the Vegie Patch you didn't plant, Enjoy."
Jan 4
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Jan 4
Dianne Caswell left a comment for Robyn Williams
"Good Evening Robyn, Happy New Year & Welcome to Brisbane Local Foods (BLF). I am sure you will find many Interesting Articles & Recipes on Fermenting and Growing Your Own Food on BLF.
Here at the top of the page, you will find many GROUPS to join.…"
Jan 4


It has been a very busy time here since you were all at the GV Last year. We have transformed our Front Gardens into Food and Fruit Gardens. My love of Citrus stands out and since being introduced to so many Sub Tropical Fruits both from Members…

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  • Hello Dianne,

    Thank you for the warm welcome. I'm excited to be apart of BLF and very much interested in the GV. I'm looking forward to meeting you all.

  • Hello Dianne, thank you for welcoming me and the induction is helpful as well. We are more than happy to have the group over and do a curated tour.

  • Thanks for the information Dianne.

  • Thank you Dianne.  I have rsvp’d to the garden visit onSunday, it think it is going to take me some time to learn the site, not really sure how these sites work.  I will keep at it and hopefully things will become more familiar.  regards Cheryl

  • Thanks for the welcome Diane.

     I plan to have a good look around and see what I can find.

  • Thank you Dianne! And thanks for all you have taught me so far, I really enjoy working in your garden. 

  • Thanks for the welcoming message and the reply to my message i sent about the finger limes/Davidson plum if you ever want any elderberry cuttings i am in eagleby just shoot me a message.

  • Thank you for the warm welcome Dianne.

  • Morning Dianne

    Thank you for the welcome. I am interested in being involved with the garden visits but I won't be in a position to do so until April 2021 onwards. I have changed my avatar as you suggested. I am pleased to share whatever relevant knowledge I have with any member on the forum, however this forum appears to already have lots of people more knowledgeable than I am, the thing I like about this forum is there doesn't appear to be any egotists, as in, this is the only way to do something, which is a most pleasant change.

  • Thanks Dianne

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