Dianne Caswell left a comment on Garden Visits
"Hi Everyone, Just wanting to let everyone know, Whilst I thoughly enjoyed planning and going to the Garden Visits for a number of years I am unable to plan the Garden Visits anymore as I am sorry but without the Offers of Garden Visits I had nothing…"
Jun 7, 2022
Valerie commented on Dianne Caswell's event SPECIAL EVENT - RATHLOGAN OLIVE GROVE AND SHED CAFE' - SUNDAY 24TH APRIL 2022
" I won't be able to make it as I am sick. 
Apr 22, 2022
Christa commented on Dianne Caswell's event SPECIAL EVENT - RATHLOGAN OLIVE GROVE AND SHED CAFE' - SUNDAY 24TH APRIL 2022
"Hi Dianne, I had to figure out how to let you know on the site,  we are not going to the event, as we have had contact with a covid case,  One of our carers had covid without knowing at the time. This was a couple of days ago. Ian is waiting for…"
Apr 21, 2022
Andrew Cumberland commented on Dianne Caswell's event SPECIAL EVENT - RATHLOGAN OLIVE GROVE AND SHED CAFE' - SUNDAY 24TH APRIL 2022
" Jeez.  I just went to mark it as "not going."  The option is "not interested."   Well, that ain't right!  I am interested as heck.  Just can't do it that close to leaving.   Damn... reminds me I have to ask Barb if she can baby sit our 5…"
Apr 20, 2022
Apr 20, 2022
Dianne Caswell commented on Barbara Tealby’s status
"Thanks Barbara & Andy, It was a bit of an experience, the thing I am worried about is that I am now on Antibiotics possibloe for the rest of my life. The Leg itself is good now, feel like a new one, Fabulous Doctors at Greenslopes. I love Doctors…"
Apr 15, 2022
Dianne Caswell commented on Barbara Tealby’s status
Apr 15, 2022
Dianne Caswell commented on Dave Riley's blog post PICKLING YOURSELF can be good for you. Using Vinegars as a hack.
"Love your upcycling of Coffee Jars Dave. They are especially good as the lids are plastic and won't be affected by Salt or Vinegars. It wouldn't be the first time that I found a jar of Pickled Onions on the shelf where the lid had almost rusted away…"
Apr 14, 2022


It has been a very busy time here since you were all at the GV Last year. We have transformed our Front Gardens into Food and Fruit Gardens. My love of Citrus stands out and since being introduced to so many Sub Tropical Fruits both from Members…

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  • 30th March 2022
    Hi Everyone, Thank You to All our dear members who wished me luck and put up with me crying on the phone after my 3 week stay in hospital. I am feeling stronger now and after a lovely Birthday yesterday, giving myself a Facial (Much Needed I might add) was a real treat. Today I will venture out to have my hair cut today, now 6 weeks overdue I might add, was going to have it done the day after I went into hospital. Well enough of my rattling on. I do hope everyone made it safely through the floods. We have now had over a meter of rain here and that is almost our yearly average in only 3 month. What a crazy world we live in. Take Care & Stay Safe.
  • Hello Dianne,

    Thank you for the warm welcome. I'm excited to be apart of BLF and very much interested in the GV. I'm looking forward to meeting you all.

  • Hello Dianne, thank you for welcoming me and the induction is helpful as well. We are more than happy to have the group over and do a curated tour.

  • Thanks for the information Dianne.

  • Thank you Dianne.  I have rsvp’d to the garden visit onSunday, it think it is going to take me some time to learn the site, not really sure how these sites work.  I will keep at it and hopefully things will become more familiar.  regards Cheryl

  • Thanks for the welcome Diane.

     I plan to have a good look around and see what I can find.

  • Thank you Dianne! And thanks for all you have taught me so far, I really enjoy working in your garden. 

  • Thanks for the welcoming message and the reply to my message i sent about the finger limes/Davidson plum if you ever want any elderberry cuttings i am in eagleby just shoot me a message.

  • Thank you for the warm welcome Dianne.

  • Morning Dianne

    Thank you for the welcome. I am interested in being involved with the garden visits but I won't be in a position to do so until April 2021 onwards. I have changed my avatar as you suggested. I am pleased to share whatever relevant knowledge I have with any member on the forum, however this forum appears to already have lots of people more knowledgeable than I am, the thing I like about this forum is there doesn't appear to be any egotists, as in, this is the only way to do something, which is a most pleasant change.

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