Dave Riley replied to Christa's discussion Living on a 1/8th acre site that receives 11 inches of rain per year.
"Here's another stand-out image. The power of mulch, in this case, cut Vetiver. Moisture and soil temperature difference vs bare soil:

Dave Riley replied to Christa's discussion Living on a 1/8th acre site that receives 11 inches of rain per year.
" Yes Brad Lancaster is so relevant to Australia.The videos are useful, but to get to the nitty gritty you need to read his books which are manuals for thinking this way.
Lancaster has had  a major influence on me.
But his perspective comes with a…"
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"Good one."
Jan 7
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Jan 7
Dave Riley commented on Andrew Cumberland's blog post The struggle of measuring garden success...
"Don't forget variety...and freshness.
And the culinary ease of having on-hand additions to the menu and recipes.
I reckon variety is may be more important than weight. Although, variety can easily be too exotic if you aren't usually in the cooking…"
Jan 5
Andrew Cumberland replied to Dave Riley's discussion Cultured Turmeric Paste
"I also just discovered the leaves are edible. They are frequently used in GOA in curries and as wraps. "
Jan 3
Dave Riley posted a blog post
This time of year ...with all this rain...the garden goes feral.My one regret is that the Chaya is slower to grow than I had hoped. That's because I love the taste of it. I'm also keen to replicate it ++++. I also have orders for same.So Chaya --…
Jan 3
Dave Riley replied to Robert Schultz's discussion Pepino sought
"You can get some here from Green Harvest. I never had much success with them but I love the fruits. Succulent. Like eating a  tiger. Easy to divide once established. Fruit fly magnets."
Jan 2

Using Vetiver in the Kitchen Garden

Here's a look-see of how my renovated kitchen garden has come together. The core layout plan rests on planted Vetiver clumps rather than hedges, with all vegetable plantings within a 1.5 metre zone around each clump. No beds. No paths. Just…

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  • Aw what a shame - but you can’t beat the tide- probably even with a rock wall...our beach lost a lot of sand this year too. It’s been exactly one year now since we planted our 100 tiny vetiver plants and they have grown so quickly and made a huge difference to soil- lots of worms wherever we dig and they grow 6 inches a week, - so make lots of mulch! Also stops grass from invading new beds and keeps dogs off! 

  • Hey Dave the vetiver I got from you for my sandy garden at Straddie are going great guns, I even had enough now to give some to a neighbour and spend the word about wonderful vetiver!

  • Hey Dave, I use "after photo" - it's free but with ads. 

  • And you probably could do that to Dave.

  • Oh, and I forgot how good his jokes are too????

  • Love the Updated Profile and Avatar, you really have a gift Dave, you are an inspiration to all our Members I am sure. Could I say to all if you are a newer member please take the time to read through some of Dave's Blogs etc I promise you that you will gain a different prospective on how Sand can become Humus. Be sure to read about how Dave has inspired Children to garden at his local school, and his Cooking and Recipes skills have gone from strength to strength.

  • Thanks for friend request.
  • Thanks Dave for your recipes ,will you be going to lissas garden visit as I can give you those brazillian spinach if not will bring them over for you cheers

  • Hi Dave havent forgotten you caught up with work .will get them over to you in the new year sometime hope you have a good xmass  

  • Hi mate leave us an address at darren_and_deb@hotmail.com and I will get them over to you

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