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Edible gardening at home, providing most of my food needs from the back yard, eating healthier


A long overdue update! The chilli seeds I got from Lissa ages ago were planted in a pot about a year ago, and I thought they had suffered the same fate as most of my "pot" plants. Over the past couple of weeks the chilli has shot out of the…

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I'm back!

I'm terribly sorry I had such a long break from here... I was completely bogged-down with work (a very heavy workload until recently!) and PhD-related stuff. Now I've got a reasonable schedule again!

Sadly, my gardening efforts were…

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  • Hi Daniel
    There's a fellow on the site called Vinathe who's looking for clay (see the forum). Might match up with each other (one getting rid of clay, one wanting clay?)
  • Daniel, saw your photos ~ Your soil looks a bit like mine, I haven't done any soil tests on them though.. even those basic tests that you can do yourself to work out whether they're clay etc... Very cute foreman and junior forewoman ^__^
  • Hi Daniel ~ Welcome ~ I've watched some of River Cottage too ~ pretty impressive ~ while some of the knowledge can be transferable, unfortunately he's from a very different climate ^^ ~ wish there's similar show for subtropical Queensland.. probably not enough audience. There's a similar show done in Tasmania..
  • Welcome to Brisbane Local Food.

    There is a 'Group' called Brisbane Seed Savers who meet monthly at each others gardens to swap seeds and talk about our gardens. These are called Garden Visits and are listed as Events if you are interested.

  • Thanks, Scarlett!
  • welcome Daniel :)
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