June 30

About me:


I am currently involved with the following community gardens and groups:

Organic Farm Share The Zeitgeist Movement Sharewhale.com Common Resources

I am interested in:

Permaculture Organic Food The Future of Food Sustainability Upcycling Gardening

My website is:



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  • Morning Casey :) This is the message I get when I click on the Sharewhale link:

    For your security BullGuard has blocked access to this page
    The site is listed as a malicious site that may be stealing identity information, plant viruses on your machine or do other harmful things.

    The information we have indicate that this site:
    - Has been promoted through spam techniques.

    We would love you to promote your upcoming events! Because I can't access your Upcoming Events page it would be up to you to make sure they get posted here on BLF.

    Looking forward to seeing what's on :)

  • Thanks, Lissa! I'm not sure why Sharewhale won't work for you... it might be because sharewhale.com redirects to sharewhale.com/wp, which is a wordpress site, so it might not like being redirected.  Either way I can promise you the site is fine. :)

    We would love to share our upcoming events if that is possible, we have an exciting one coming up called the Future of Food in Brisbane and the World - we will have three awesome speakers, including Alf from Organic Farm Share, as well as international guest Douglas Mallette from Cybernated Farm Systems, and Janelle Twine, a whole foods naturopath all the way from Cairns who has worked closely with Tyler Tolman. 

    You might be able to find other events to add to Brisbane local food forum on our Upcoming Events page, we try to update it on a fortnightly basis, or whenever someone requests. :)

    Thanks for adding me to the community!

  • Welcome to Brisbane Local Food Casey :)

    Please get in touch via message or the discussion forum if you need help finding what you are after, or in using the site.
    Otherwise simply explore, join the conversations and enjoy.

    Happy to see you join us here. For whatever reason my computer hasn't let me access Sharewhale in the past. Will keep trying :)

    All the best and happy gardening

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