Barbara Tealby commented on Andrew Cumberland's video
"Wow! Was it the 'real' cinnamon - cinnamomum verum - or was it the one we usually buy in the shops - cinnamomum cassia?"
16 hours ago
Barbara Tealby posted a status
I was looking forwardto our meeting tomorrow, but COVID has struck - not me, but Warren, and I think it might be better if I didn't attend. I'll look forward to hearing the outcome.
17 hours ago
Barbara Tealby replied to Andrew Cumberland's discussion A visit to Tullamore Farm (outside of Beaudesert) 18 June 2022 in Garden Visits
"Lots of good stuff there, A ndy. Love the comfrey circle round the citrus."
Jun 19
Barbara Tealby is going to The first ever Brisbane Local Food redirection meeting
Jun 8
Barbara Tealby commented on Andrew Cumberland's article Keep BLF alive
"Sounds good, Andy."
Jun 8
Barbara Tealby commented on Andrew Cumberland's video
"Great stuff, Andy. Can't wait for the Madagascar beans to start producing now."
Jun 6
Barbara Tealby commented on Andrew Cumberland's article Keep BLF alive
"Could I suggest a few of us   - as many as you like - meet up to come up with a system for doing the seed thing and work out the details?
I would be happy to host the meeting at my place - next Sunday (12th) or some other time that would suit. "
Jun 5
Barbara Tealby left a comment on Chooks - Ducks - Quails
"Went down to the produce store today to get another bag of chick starter crumble for my quails. I got into a conversation with an older guy who worked there, and he told me that if I was feeding that stuff to my birds, I'd better not eat the eggs -…"
Jun 1

Coriander conundrum

This year, I had a REALLY good crop of Coriander. Planted in the shade of a pawpaw tree in early April, it grew and thrived for months giving us lots of luscious leaves, and then as the weather heated up and the pawpaw tree got removed, it went…

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Dried Tomatoes in oil

I just dried a pile of cherry tomato halves in the dehydrator (thanks, Andy). I'm thinking of storing them in oil in the fridge. Has anyone else done this, and if so, how long did you keep them for? I have seen all sorts of advice on the web -…

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Mandarins, anyone?

We clean-picked our mandarin tree this morning, and have three boxes of mandarins - all ripe - they wouldn't hang on the tree much longer. 

If anyone would like some, please let me know. I can't hang on to them for long, as they are quite…

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  • When I preserve things like pineapple or pawpaw. I use a medium sugar syrup with citric acid or lemon juice if required. However, to use the preserved fruit, I strain it and the sugar syrup goes down the drain.
    Does anyone have any ideas about how to use the syrup? Can I put it in the fridge and re-use it for another batch?
    I hate to see it go to waste.
  • Give me a ring on 0422 022 961.  I have at least two laying girls you can have.  

  • Give me a ring on 0422 022 961

  • Ditto for me with night meetings. Look forward to seeing you :-)

  • Not BOGG but Greening Australia seed-cleaning volunteers. Potted up seedlings at your place and at Rosemary's.

    Join our Garden Visits group and come along to our GVs we love to share :-)

  • Welcome to BLF Barbara :)
    You should find lots to interest you on the site. Feel free to join in conversations, post photos and blogs.
    If you need any help please don't hesitate to ask.
    Happy gardening
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