Barbara Tealby is going to Visit to Col and Mary-Ann's
Mar 14
Barbara Tealby left a comment on BLF Futures
"Andy, I think this has been on the cards since the trouble with ning where it became difficult to post pictures. The F/b page is working well. The loss of the accumulated wisdom in the past posts cannot be overestimated - it is a disaster - but I…"
Feb 11
Barbara Tealby replied to Andrew Cumberland's discussion Quail tales in Chooks - Ducks - Quails
"Mmmm - that looks really good. Was it your New Year's resolution to bite the bullet and harvest all the old birds?"
Jan 7
Barbara Tealby posted a status
My 30-year-old Feijoa finally fruited. Apparently all it needed was a little friend. I planted a named variety from Daley's, thinking I might get some fruit on the new plant, and was pleasantly surprised to find fruit on both plants!
Jan 6
  • Barbara Tealby I'd heard that about the flowers, so I tried some this year. Not really as impressed as I thought I'd be.
    Jan 7
Barbara Tealby shared their video on Facebook
Dec 24, 2022
Barbara Tealby left a comment on Chooks - Ducks - Quails
"After de-stocking prior to going on holidays it was time to re-stock with some new birds. I found a supplier on Gumtree - Trevor at Deception Bay. He and his partner have quite a lot of Quails, of different strains, all happy healthy little birds.…"
Dec 21, 2022
Barbara Tealby posted a status
Picked up some new quails from the people at Deception Bay. Four white girls and a BIG Egyptian boy. Nice looking birds, and nice people to deal with.
Dec 17, 2022
  • Barbara Tealby You mean name the birds? Or name the people? The birds may or may not be W1, W2.....and E1. (The grandchildren may have other ideas, though!) The nice people, I know only as Trevor and Aleesha, but they advertise on Gumtree and are at Deception Bay.…
    Dec 21, 2022
Barbara Tealby commented on Andrew Cumberland's photo
"Hope it does OK for you. Being a dwarf, did it really need to go in the ground?"
Sep 29, 2022

The Ginger harvest

Harvested the first of three pots of ginger yesterday - 1.9kilos wasn't too bad for smallest of the pots. I plan to dehydrate and grind some of this, and grate some for the freezer. Grated is the way I use most of my ginger, but it is good to…

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For the past few years, I have grown tromboncinos in the warmer months. The vines have grown rampantly, and produced MANY fruits. However, I have found them soft, pale, and insipid-tasting, with poor keeping quality in the fridge. I have in the…

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Coriander conundrum

This year, I had a REALLY good crop of Coriander. Planted in the shade of a pawpaw tree in early April, it grew and thrived for months giving us lots of luscious leaves, and then as the weather heated up and the pawpaw tree got removed, it went…

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  • When I preserve things like pineapple or pawpaw. I use a medium sugar syrup with citric acid or lemon juice if required. However, to use the preserved fruit, I strain it and the sugar syrup goes down the drain.
    Does anyone have any ideas about how to use the syrup? Can I put it in the fridge and re-use it for another batch?
    I hate to see it go to waste.
  • Give me a ring on 0422 022 961.  I have at least two laying girls you can have.  

  • Give me a ring on 0422 022 961

  • Ditto for me with night meetings. Look forward to seeing you :-)

  • Not BOGG but Greening Australia seed-cleaning volunteers. Potted up seedlings at your place and at Rosemary's.

    Join our Garden Visits group and come along to our GVs we love to share :-)

  • Welcome to BLF Barbara :)
    You should find lots to interest you on the site. Feel free to join in conversations, post photos and blogs.
    If you need any help please don't hesitate to ask.
    Happy gardening
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