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I am currently involved with the following community gardens and groups:

Skyfarms Australia is involved with rural and urban agriculture including green roofs systems. skyfarms currently advises to a number of community gardens and permaculture groups, and will be involved in new projects going forward.

I am interested in:

The new world, and creating an ecologicly sound peacfull cooperative united fellowship of all nations, where all things are respected and all life is honored.

My website is:

https://www.skyfarms.com.au and http:// www.livingbiotics.com.au


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  • Hi Anthony, do you have any knowledge about neem cake?
  • Hi A, bottom of page 3 - hope you don't get offended :)

  • Hi Anthony, do you have any information on differing mulch value. I had ordered lucerne at $10 which is not available, and have been offered soy bean stubble hay at the same price.
  • Hi A
    Wonder if I should have put this in GTT -

    Hope you are having a great long weekend :)
  • Hi A, there is a discussion in the main section you might be able to assist with:

  • Hi Anthony, this was a google ad on BLF which I thought might be of interest to what you are doing at the moment.
  • Hi Anthony
    Sorry we missed you on Saturday! We got 1 lt of EM from Donna, and I have started a discussion on your Green Tech group re using it for compost... would value your advice! Thanks....
  • Hi A, hope your mother is feeling better. xx
  • Thanks, that's great Anthony. Look forward to seeing you then. Jacqui
  • Hi Anthony, as you may know, the April Seed Savers meeting is being held at the Jane Street Community garden in West End. I know you're really busy, but I'm hoping you can make it on the day.
    Mainly I'd like to know if you want to and how much it would cost for you to 'design' a layout for when we move our community garden. Plus if and when you might like to get involved with the Council's designs for Davies Park.
    Anyway, if you have time, it would be great if you could make it.
    Cheers, Jacqui
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