February 14

About me:

I love watching plants grow. I particularly like to grow edibles. I am a pensioner with mobility issues, so money and getting out and about can ve challenging. I am hoping to find like minded people to chat, and exchange ideas. I would also enjoy swapping seeds, cuttings etc.

I am currently involved with the following community gardens and groups:

Transport is difficult. There are a few channels I follow on youtube, like Self Sustainable me, Epic Gardening and IV Organics.

I am interested in:

Citrus trees, raised beds, vegetables, permaculture and organic pest control. I am interested in fermentation, (eg vegetables), both for taste and preservation to extend harvests. I do not have a wormfarm or compost bin setup yet, so I am also keen for ideas of how to do this on a budget. From a practical point of view I would like to learn more about propagation and watering systems. I am going yo be downsizing in the near future, so I am trying air layering of my citrus trees for the first time as I am hoping to take the essence of my citrus trees with me. I would really like to learn and become skilled at grafting, and make some "fruit salad" trees, grafting more than one citrus variety onto a single root stockk. I am also trying my hand at pottery and wheelwork, so I am trying to think of ways I can use things I make with clay in the garden or produce (eg pots, watering aids, and accessories for fermenting).

I can offer (you can't offer too much or too little - we don't mind)

Information, Garden Materials

What I am looking for:

Information, Plants or Produce, Garden Materials, Events, Community Involvement


Brisbane Southern Suburbs


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  • Good Day,
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  • Good Evening Ann, Welcome to Brisbane Local Foods (BLF). We are having a Garden Visit at my home this Sunday, if you have a partner or friend who would like to come along with you to this GV I am sure you would love to meet some of our friendly members.

    Here at the top of the page, you will find many GROUPS to join. One of these is the GARDEN VISITS, 2021 GARDEN VISITS CALENDAR I am sure you would enjoy visiting our member’s gardens. We have members who grow many kinds of Gardens, Permaculture, Aquaculture, Wicking Beds, Traditional and many more. The GV's are usually held once a month. At the GV's we share cuttings, plants, produce, seeds, knowledge as well as a good chat and a lovely Homemade Morning Teas. 

    We have many subjects of interest, if you have any questions, I am sure we would have a member or site available to answer that question. If you feel you are particularly adept in a field, you may like to add a new Group to our List or perhaps do a talk or demonstration at one of our GV. If a yes for the GV you might like to friend me, and we can see what we can do. We are always looking for new ideas.

    You may like to go into your page and change the Pea Leaf Avatar for one of your own, it makes it a little more personal and as soon as we see your own Avatar we know who it is. Please enjoy BLF…..

  • Welcome to the group Anne.  We are a friendly bunch and I'm sure folks will be more than happy to help you out.  

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