Andrew Cumberland commented on Andrew Cumberland's video
"The really fine stuff you use in the kitchen Barb.  I don't think I'd want to use all the good stuff as insect repellant.  LOL
3 hours ago
Andrew Cumberland commented on Barbara Tealby’s status
"All good Barb.  Thanks for looking out for everyone else (and for the lend of your ern).  "
3 hours ago
Andrew Cumberland posted a video
I wanted to test whether cinnamon did actually deter ants in the garden. While it's not a miracle cure, I think you'll see it works.
23 hours ago
Andrew Cumberland commented on Andrew Cumberland's event The first ever Brisbane Local Food redirection meeting
"I reckon we may well rename the Garden Visits.  I thnk they are going to become "Crafting and Crop Shares" as in, more focussed on practical skills like canning, baking, cheese making, make a cheap wicking bed etc.  "
Andrew Cumberland left a comment for Catriona L
"Welcome to the site Catriona."
Andrew Cumberland commented on Andrew Cumberland's event The first ever Brisbane Local Food redirection meeting
"Obligation free plant and crop swaps are a sure winner. (Just making a list of ideas for the get together. ) "
Andrew Cumberland replied to Andrew Cumberland's discussion Getting some organisation to our motely crew(s) in BLF Futures
"We are at 40 members in the Fb group after a day which is hopeful.  If you are here and not there, I'll assume that's for a reason and that's fine by me.  It's making sense to pick and choose what gets shared either way.  I'm quite chuffed so farm.  "
Jun 19
Andrew Cumberland replied to Andrew Cumberland's discussion A visit to Tullamore Farm (outside of Beaudesert) 18 June 2022 in Garden Visits
"Yeah, I was impressed by that too.  Stops grass invastion and can be just chopped and dropped to help the fruit tree.   I also stole his dragon fruit idea - implemented in a different way but used the same logic. I'll do a video soon. "
Jun 19

Flour experiment 1: pancakes

So, using the flour to make pancakes worked perfectly well.  It is slightly nutty but a very nice flavour indeed.  I added just a touch of mashed potato, pinch of baking powder and some salt and sugar.  I think I could increase the salt slightly,…

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I did it!!!

You are looking at  three versions of home grown and made flour from the tiny city farm. Hulled,  part-hulled and unfilled.  I'll cook three muffins for taste comparison. I used Madagascar beans to make it. I'm also going to try with pigeon peas.…

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  • How do you add something to this site?
  • Thank you. I was inspired to join after seeing a post that mentioned a saucemaker. I’m keen to find out how best to process grumachamas and Jaboticabas in particular ( but also tomatoes ) to remove the skin and seeds, tried a Mouli but it didn’t work out. How do I go about posting a query as to more info about a “saucemaker” (if this is considered the best tool for the job)?

  • Thank you, Andrew. I'm looking forward to learning and sharing.

  • Thank you. I am very happy to join the Brisbane Local Food Community. What a impressive homestead you have!
  • Hello Andrew, thanks for the warm welcome. I hope they got something out of it. It's only early days for us, a lot more sustainable food systems and water harvesting elements will be added.

  • I don't post videos, I just have an account that I use to comment on Doug's channel.

  • Thanks for the welcome Andrew!

  • Thanks mate just let me know if you need any plants

  • Thanks for the welcome Andrew

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