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Organic gardening, Taichi.

Midsummer Munchings

The December storms and subsequent fiiling of the rainwater tank, brought hope to my heat-stressed, thirsty backyard. But I shouldn't complain, as we've never run out of veges for the wok.


Corn has been a…
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Summer eating has begun!

First zucchini harvest was really gratifying! When we returned from Melbourne a week ago, there they were, ready for the wok! My dad had been watering the backyard while we were away, thank goodness, or everything would have shrivelled up and…
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  • Thanks for the link Addy.  I tried it on the weekend for a Christmas dinner and it was lovely.  It went down well and there was none left at the end.

  • Hi Addy, I wonder if you could help Elaine with this?


  • Love the new profile pic - is that your first bunch of bananas?!
  • hey thankyou Addy, that's lovely! :)
  • yay!! :)
  • oh no! i hope it turns up soon
  • It is a really vigourous plant so I have been pruning it to stop it going up trees etc. I might give it another pruning to see if it helps it produce more flowers, because it only has a few flowers on it.
  • Hi Addy

    Not sure how often you get into the Valley, so if you are interested I can get the seeds (there are a few places in Inala that have very interesting seeds that I have never heard of...) and give them to Christopher at the Garden Visit on 7th November.

    If there is anything else specific you were looking for let me know the name and I can see if they have it.
  • Hi Addy
    Sorry I missed your message here on this forum until now. The order you remembered for the no dig garden was right. Essentially all the new nutrients under the paper - then thick layer of seed free mulch on top. Hope you tried it and it is working OK.
  • Hi Addy,

    We generally harvest 3-4 kilos over 3 flushes of mushrooms. It will depend on how big you grow your mushrooms before harvesting.
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