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Hey Crew,

We have a mobile event food van that we specialize in providing food allergen free plant-based healthy fast food alternatives.

We have been in the food industry for many years but we only started this part of the business in February of 2018.

We started out trying markets and the like but it was unproductive for us on a commercial level and passion place. 

We have come to realize that dedicated food or festival events are our prefered market place well as private functions. 

What we are finding is that we only get to know about the events we would like to apply for, as they are being advertised which as you would know is too late to apply for a vendor location. 

We would like to find a source of event calendars we could look at and apply for the ones we would like to be part of ...... is this something you could help us with. 

This is a link to our business site 

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Gotta watch CHEF  a few more times...then I'll join you on the road!

Just saying: I wonder whether the Los Angeles style food truck can be deployed in Brisbane? You move from location to location and promote the shifts online -- working Friday/Saturday nights or tapping into Sunday lunchtime patronage?

The ultimate in pop-up.

The mobile taco (LINK) and Korean food trucks (LINK) in the USA are awesome.

The late. great, Jonathan Gold promoted this food culture all the time.

For example :How America Became a Food Truck Nation

"If you want to see what eating in Los Angeles is like, beyond the gold-plated Beverly Hills bistros and the bottle-service clubs that count the Kardashians among their clientele, you could do worse than to pull into a deserted parking lot late at night, check the coordinates on your iPhone and watch the stretch of asphalt fill with hundreds of hungry people. They, and probably you, have been summoned here by a Twitter blast from the Kogi truck, a retrofitted catering van serving Korean short-rib tacos, kimchi dogs and other edible symbols of L.A.’s famous cross-cultural inclusiveness, dripping plates of food drawn straight from the city’s recombinant DNA...."


However, there is a weekly (Winter?) local Food Truck Fest here in Caboolture (LINK).

Never been so I can't make a ruling.

Food trucks also work the local Caboolture Mkts each Sunday. Tends to be the cheap end of the culinaries. But the folk I know live off their one day catering income. That assumes a lot of prep thru the rest of the week.

But the best gourmand food truckery I've come upon ( in  an up-market setting) is the Carseldine Mkts -- every Saturday (LINK) . I go if only for the gorgeous  Rösti. But you have to be on the outer car park before you can get your truck on the 'in'. There is a waiting line of caterers, you see for the best spots. And it's much dearer rental than Caboolture.

However, a food truck along a major highway -- like the weekend busy road into Bribie island which boasts a coffee van in situ--  is a worthwhile option if you can negotiate with a land holder and council.

Hey David

Thanks for that .....yeah when we were in Brisbane we did the Carseldine markets with our range of kits and treats we were doing at the time. As far as I know, we were the only manufacturers of dairy-free chocolate using Australian grown cacao ..... but the market thing is not where we felt was where we wanted to be.

We also had a shop for a year or so in the Old Petrie Town village it could have been a good thing but the management of the area is not good, as its leased by the YMCA and they are only interested in the camp areas and the admin and running of the markets is more of a pain to them than trying to look after the infrastructure of the market area.     

Lissa, Valerie and Dianne might be able to help.

Hey Dianne 

Thanks for that ... we did the scenic rim event which we enjoyed even though we had to go through a few hurdles to source produce from the scenic rim area for which we are technically just over the border from. Nice people to work with happy to go back this year. 

We have tried the market scene but it's not the vibe we are after, we are positioning ourselves as the specialist allergen free fast food options for event coordinators that want to cater to the growing need for gluten, dairy free alternatives but still appeal to all event attendees without the fancy price tags and with an appeal to known regular options like loaded potatoes with cheese and mayo, potato bake, sausage and egg, pancakes and cream etc.     


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