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1 can of chick peas (drained, reserve liquid)
1tbsp of tahini
1 onion and 2 garlic cloves...
spices (Coriander cumin and paprika in this case)

Fry the onion, garlic and spices
pulse parsley
add all ingredients and salt and pepper to taste
pulse a few times
form balls and roll in sesame seeds
Spray with some olive oil
Bake at 180C or grill

With the liquid from your can of chickpeas...
make this awesome vegan aioli…/easy-vegan-mayo-aquafaba-recip…

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This looks interesting Valerie, thanks for posting.  I'd love to sometime even just go meatless.  How was the taste or are you only posting recipes that you found tasty??

I quite liked the vegan mayonnaise. It is interesting to learn to make things without eggs because we have a friend who is severely allergic to eggs. Falafel has always been a favourite. I am starting with things that are familiar to the kids. I had never made falafels from scratch and found it surprisingly easy. I am happy to post epic failures too but it might be a question of taste. As always, once you know how to cook from scratch, you can customize to your taste or needs.

I am also wondering if an eggless mayonnaise would keep longer? The recipe says up to one week.

The Mayonnaise relies on the liquid from canned Chick Peas. So for those like me who cook their own Chick Peas, we would need to reserve the liquid from the cooking process. I do that and usually use it as stock since I don't do meat stock. Some of these dishes need some advance planning e.g. there's less liquid than Chick Peas so the liquid gets used up first. But once you've got the flow of how these meals work, it should be simple enough with practice. It's the change of pace and focus that I find the barrier rather than the actual meals themselves.

The falafel recipe I used originally also said it worked better with dry-soaked chickpeas but for convenience, it's good to know you can use a can too, even if it is not the ideal option. I like the fact that you use the chickpeas and the liquid in this recipe.


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