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At last someone local at Ningi:


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They were on 9 news tonight Lissa.  It's fantastic to see a local couple doing it. 

Must be buried on the Ch9 website, I failed to find it. Only references are newspaper ones or private websites, dang would loved to have seen the item.

They will be having an Open House in Sept and will let me know the date closer.

How excellent, I would love to one day talk the partner into a large block with a half dozen of this sort of home with a larger central community space. Why do we all need our own kitchens anyway?!

It looks like they have the open home scheduled for the 16th of September. I'm keen :)

I like your idea of a few of these on a large block with communal space. I would need my own kitchen ;) I don't mind sharing the fruit trees.

If I were designing I would probably eliminate kitchens and bathrooms from individual homes and have that all as communal, but I'm probably a bit extreme on that for most people. I imagine if you were designing a community like this each person buying in would design their own small home to suit their needs and have a larger communal kitchen etc for everyone else. A kitchenette wouldn't take up too much space by the looks. 

I will continue dreaming about it - unless I find a good 7-8 other groups keen I don't think I could start moving on it on my own haha. But splitting the cost of land and rates etc among quite a few would make it achievable I think!

Oh man, I just saw 3000m2 blank canvas land at Bellmere for $300k, that would be soooooo goooooood for this sort of thing and not that far out either...

Any takers? Haha

Good lord. NO to communal bathrooms lol.

People would use my stuff (or I would have to cart it back and forward every time), no walking around nakkie, and who is responsible for cleaning the loos and the shower recess? Na-ah.

And I would consider going down the track of sharing the cost of communal land....if I had more of the ready.

To be honest in my ideal plan the cost of a part time cleaner would be split among residents...I'm not so self sacrificing to volunteer on that count!

The kind of communal bathing in Japan I found enjoyable, but I know it's not really for most people who aren't accustomed to it. That's why for that kind of plan you'd probably need to have the tiny homes as customisable to each person. 

Oh! There's an event on the 4th up the coast for Tiny Homes, that might be fun!

Interesting. But I am committed to living on Bribie for my elderly parents for the foreseeable future.

This will give you time to purchase and set up the communal living arrangement before I join you ;)


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