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Comment by Lissa 49 seconds ago
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Very happy that someone is organising this last. We've talked about it for ages.

Will see how the final date chosen fits for me. On one hand I have always wanted to see the place, on the other there is a good chance I will be selling up here within the next year or so so buying and planting more expensive trees would be wasted.

Comment by Susan 8 hours ago
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I have wanted to drive down there for ages.  Count me in as long as it's a weekend.

Comment by Dianne Caswell 8 hours ago
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Last year, Jan and I were to look into organizing a car trip to Daleys Fruit Tree Nursery,36 Daleys Ln, Geneva NSW 2474.

The Nursery is situated 2 hours from Brisbane, open 10am-1pm on Saturday and Closed Sunday. Ill health happens and this was to be put on the shelf until this year.

We had an offer from a BLF member coming down in his open tray vehicle and bringing our buying haul home. For people on the South & South West Side plants were to be dropped off on the way home. Another option would be to have your plants delivered in the usual way Daley Deliver.

Some of our members are also interested in staying for the weekend nearby. It is not our intention to organize this but it would make for a nice end to the week end, perhaps a long week end.

The Route we would like to take would be to all meet at the bridge at North Maclean and follow the Lions Road down, a very scenic road.

More details will be posted as soon as we have a fixed date. But thought today I would plant the seed. 

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I'm in, I was going to go for a drive in the next couple of months and it would be great to delay until I can meet a group of friends there for a great day out

We would be interested in a trip down that way, we have been there a couple of times before.  It may pay to check if they have nursery stock to sell at the time, as they seem to be selling a lot more online now.

Hi Everyone, I did mean to mention this at Lissa's GV on Sunday but so many people & just didn't get to it.

One thing we need to determine is whether members want to buy their plants Bare Rooted or in Pots (of course not all plants will come Bare Rooted). They are cheaper Bare Rooted and you can get more in the car (a bonus).

This is of course going to determine the time of year we go to Daley's Fruit Farm.

Does anyone have any thoughts about this.

Any time if fine with me, not counting on getting too many trees - no room left so it will have to be something very special for me to get any e.g. babaco

How are you going with a date for this outing Dianne? Any progress?

How will the 21st of May be for you Lissa?

Dianne if you are looking at numbers for 21 May, I'm free on that day

Hi Cheryl as soon as I hear back from Lissa,  we will set up an Event Page.

Hi Dianne. Pick a date that suits yourselves. You're never going to pick a date that suits everyone so I suggest you choose one that suits you and work from there.

I'm sorry but I thought I had mentioned that I won't be going on this outing. This one is for you and those who showed interest.  I won't be laying out any more money on expensive fruit trees - free ones, yes!

To everyone who is interested in the Daley's Fruit Tree Nursery Visit, we will be listing this event on the Events Page. The date of the Visit will be the 21st May. Further information can be found there.

The Daley's Trip has now been entered and can be found under EVENTS Saturday 21st May. Hope to see a good turn out, should be fun.


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