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Fabulous, what else can I say. Susan has certainly done us proud, her garden is a wonderful example of how Fruits and Vegetables can be grown in the heat of our seasons, the photos will speak for themselves. You will also see Lavenders, Salvias and Other flowering plants growing throughout the garden. They are useful to help in pollination as well as Honey for the table. 

Susan has put many New Features in since our last visit, many of which she is always generous enough to credit the gardens in which she got the ideas from. It is here where you can see the value of our Garden Visits. You always take something home from a GV, I know, I do.

We had a lovely sunny break up GV today, Thank You Susan for hosting, the little Dumplings were a real treat as usual and Susan's daughter was also a lovely aspiring host, making a Lemon Cake and keeping us from going thirsty with her homemade Punch. Thank You to all our members who attended today, we had a great time. The Secret Santa's came along with many useful and interesting gifts. Thank You Valerie for the Raffles. (Andy Graham has the money here for you).

What a very pretty and welcoming entrance

These Mangoes on this tree are enormous 

The Figs are beginning to fruit

Mangoes a plenty

The Citrus are thriving, nothing like a having your very own Orchard

There is nothing like Fresh Corn

The taste of a Cucumber but it is a Melon, someone else will remember the name I'm sure

The Strawberries are almost finished but we did find some to pick, lovely and sweet too.

What a lovely Cottage Garden

This Banana is so laden with fruit that it has bent over almost touching the ground

The Lemonade tree on the footpath is finally beginning to fruit.

The Big Bang

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Dianne - when you add the photos, align them to the centre and specify the width (it's the last option as you add a pic).  If landscape then 500 wide.  Portrait orientation is 200 wide.  I got that to work now.

Oh, and I realised I forgot the raffle money when I was updating donations tonight.  It's hard to be smart and pretty.  LOL. 

Andy, the total for the raffle was $25.00

I really enjoyed the visit.  Thanks Susan for putting it on.  It was lovely to spend some Christmas time with you all.  I felt quite blessed.  I also installed several dozen secret cameras around the property so I can find out exactly how she does it.  

Thank you for your report, Dianne. Susan's garden is wonderful and a real credit to her.

The garden indeed was brimming and we were all very jealous. It's great to see your garden evolving. It looks like I may set up a few more wicking beds. I am super happy with the turmeric and strawberry guava plants and last but not least my new secateurs. Off to the garden to plant and snip. 

Thanks for all the tips and for having us at your house. 

Thanks for sharing your wonderful garden again Susan.  It is always a good learning place for all of us. I wish I could have stretched my ears closer when you were talking to Cathie about your fertilizing practices. 

Our Christmas breakup was a great one and we had a Jolly time with Santa pretending to be Graham, and also the photographer for taking great photos.  We have sent some to Dianne and hope that they can be added to this event as our computer is kaput. 

The tucker was great and the presents were a treat. Thanks to our friendly gardening friends for the day. 

These are the photos that Ian, Christa's husband took.

Andrew, I wish that you would finish your sentences off. "It's hard to be smart and pretty"  ??? what? humble? glamorous? forgetful? infamous? You leave me wondering - but nothing has me wondering like Susan's garden. It is hard not to be jealous of such production in a relatively small area. I have given up trying to compete! We will all gain inspiration from seeing what can be done from our visit. Thanks to everyone for your friendship and company over the year. Have a safe and happy Christmas holiday and especially to Dianne and Graham - bon voyage! We hope everyone comes back safe and sound in the new year. I'm still working on finishing off your sentence Andy - inventive? loyal? hardworking?   

LOL.  Be careful Roger - I'm armed with photos of you and photoshop!

Thanks very much for everyone coming.  I love having you all over and your compliments are always appreciated :)  It's really nice to experience the garden from someone else's point of view too and I enjoy having the company of people who love this as much as I do.  I did get in and water the lychees and avo after you all left and they are looking much better.  


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