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What a delightful spot! It's like being in another world - no traffic noise, just the birds and the fresh country breeze.

Ours was a flying visit, we did linger to chat with Susan, Michael Hoff and Valerie.

Some photos … of course, on the way out I noticed more flowering shrubs and trees and naturally the camera had been put away. What I did photograph was bursting out all over in greenness and flowering magnificently. Those amazing Crucifix orchids, such tough plants and with the many Bromeliads, made a solid background to the ornamental garden.

The house was liberally adorned with Solar PV panels and the two wet-system tanks to contribute towards self-sufficiency:

Good use of shelving ...

A lot of vegetables in styrene wicking bins - I do love the creative adornment of such utilitarian containers ...

The Peas and the Shadecloth vege patch ...

Then there is the small patch of lawn:

Surrounded by magnificent gum trees:

A few of the many enthusiastic Broms and an equally enthusiastic muncher ...

And a couple of close-ups of the Grevilleas:

And to top off a delightful morning, we stopped at The Place 2b, 'just up the road' on Mt Mee Road, D'Agular and enjoyed an al fresco coffee and the freshest scones on the planet.

Our members truly are the best - allowing us to tramp around their gardens, munch on the 'bring a plate' morning tea and swap cuttings, seeds and plants.

Thank you very much, Susan - we had a wonderful time :-)

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Wow - it looks so good Susan.  How earth do you manage to put pictures on foam boxes?  Most paint and glue just melt the foam.  I tell you what, you are a stunning sucess with container/pot gardening!

Solar system looks great too - I'm still to get to grips with solar. 

Nice job on the report Elaine!  

Hi Andrew, the pictures are only stick on decals ($2 packs from Masters) - they are starting to peel off a bit now that it's been a few months.  The photos hid most of the damage inflicted on the brocolli plants by white butterfly caterpillars - but Cherie put these little pests to good use. plucking them off for our bearded dragon to munch on.   These container plants do look healthier than the modified Hugelkulture style gardens we have out the back - Mr Bandicoot loves digging around in those beds. 

Don't feel bad Susan.  I did some tiny hugelkulture beds out the front to help channel water flow. Unfortunately, I used fresh cuttings from a Duranta.  I spend a few minutes each week picking out the new Duranta shoots that come up!  LOL. 

Thank you so much for the photos and story, Elaine.  The cabbage rolls you made were delicious - and the seeds will be great for green manure-ing and planting.  It was fun to talk to other enthusiastic gardeners and share stories.

Oh I am so envious I couldn't be there (but I DO have new ceiling fans and cooktop now, so there is compensation).

Great photos and report Elaine. Your garden is gorgeous Susan - hopefully I can see it another day. I like to come out to the Place 2 B cafe every now and then and would love to call in to check your garden out. Could you PM me your mobile number please? I don't want to land on you unannounced.

A few more photos of the visit;

The entrance to the garden

  Collecting the caterpillars on the cabbage in Spurtoia style self-watering boxes for the chooks.

The various patches with Kale, Nasturtium and herbs. One for the banner (hint hint)

Yes My eyes seems to have caught that very same caterpillar aha!


Davison Plum, plums are bitter, grow on the trunk.

Dragon Fruit.

Pineapple, out of about a hundred planted, Susan gets on average 10.

Cumquat galore! along with many other citrus Susan grows.

Magnificent bamboos

The Dam.

Aha! A yellow Dragon Fruit - not a hint, space is at a premium here. Blimey, I hope I can get a fruit from each top I have in - the growers must, you'd reckon. I've found that they fruit at different times to the conventional wisdom - plants seldom read books - and maybe the spot makes a difference to Pines as it does with other crops.

Good to see other pix from other points of view and other places to those I saw - thank you Valerie :-)

Thank you for the photos Valerie.  There were 8 fruits on this yellow dragon fruit - I think the most we had was 4 on a "branch" - so I guess the growers would get far more.  This is only the 2nd year it has fruited, so hopefully it will continue to improve.  Tastes like lemon sherbert - delicious. You're right Elaine - the pineapples do seem to do better in different spots and most of ours take considerably longer than 2 years (maybe never - I heard there is a limit to the number of times the tops can be planted, with far more success from the pups).  I still plant both.

Well a top is only a top once, after that it is a plant and some do produce pups (the growers call them slips I believe) and there are pups/slips which grow from under the fruit but on top of its stem. Or so I read! Only my second Pine near to ripening, the first did not have any slips. This one might, it is a big enough plant yet the top to the fruit is quite small. So what is now the mother plant can produce more fruit but getting smaller each time. I plan to remove the mother plant, plant out any slips and put each one in a pot rather than as now, have them in garden beds; take up too much space. A 10 L pot will be good I believe, like a bucket e.g. just put in a hole for the overflow. Wicking bucket ;-) Giving it a whirl.

Unusual to have the yellow dragonfruit fruiting at the moment....but then that is based on my limited knowledge of growing them about one year!

I'm waiting for my pineapple to fruit for me too. I don't like to eat them all that much but watching them grow is beautiful. I'd never heard that about the tops before. Worth bearing in mind. My lot are a mix of one top and pups.

Oh my goodness.  I forgot to update the Banner!!  Thank you so much for the reminder, Valerie!!!!!!


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