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What a beautiful morning it was, raining overnight making for a lovely cooler time to spend at Valerie's GV. Valerie's Garden has certainly come on, I don't know how she finds the time to look after her garden at home and her plot, as well as a family of growing males.

There was a very good roll up and it was wonderful to catch up with old friends and make new ones. As always we were treated to a lovely Morning Tea of Treats, our members know how to turn it on.

After a very informative stroll around the garden we were treated to a Hands On Session from Valerie on Making a Ladybird Habitat, we went home with our little terracotta houses ready to hang in the trees to invite some new visitors to our gardens. Please if you have some photos of the houses, please post on the Report.

A Big Thank You to Valerie for opening up her garden to us for an enjoyable visit. One with much chatter, laughter and discussion on all manner of Gardening and Life. Also Thank You to our members it was wonderful to see such a good turn up, without you, well we need not have GV's. Also Thank You to all the visitors who will hopefully one day become members. Thanks Andy for keeping the site up & running.

Hope to see you all at the next GV on the 29th of March.

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Thanks Valerie for a wonderful visit.  And thanks Dianne for your reports.  I will also share a youtube clip from the day on how to make the lady beetle houses.  I really enjoyed the morning a lot.  It's wonderful to spend time with new friends and existing ones.  (Ain't none of us old!!!)

Thank you Valerie for opening your garden to us once again. It has been some time since I was at a GV and it was wonderful to see how much your garden has grown and to catch up with everyone who was there. Love the lady beetle house we made, when I read we were going to see one of these I was quite intrigued as I had no idea what it was going to be.  Love the insect house I also got from you, put it where I thought would be the best place but the cat was not impressed as it impeded where she walked (thought she was going to push it out of her way), think I better look for another spot - haha.

Thank you all for coming. It was indeed such a lovely relaxed morning. 

A few items were I think unintentionally left behind. A big square red bucket. (Dianne?) and a small purple metal drink bottle (Andy?)

Yes.  I'll have to arrange a bottle rescue some time 

Thanks Valerie, for sharing your garden with the visiting members. The garden has expanded a bit since  was there last. The way you have your passion-fruit growing on bamboo sticks is a good idea.  I think maybe your chickens have a bit of exotic breed in them, maybe a Minorca breed from Spain. Thanks for showing us how to accommodate lady beetles in our garden and showing us your pet rocks or bug rocks.  Also thanks for our GV secretary for keeping us informed and keeping the activities on track for all of us. 


Here is the Recipe Link for Thousand Island Relish I had at the GV. Mine was a bit more yellow as I couldn't get Colman's Mustard so used the other one in a tin from W.

Thanks for the link Dianne, look forward to getting some in my fridge

Here is the other recipe I said I would put on the site for Piccalilli LINK

I was just working on the new banner for the site when I came across a picture worth adding to the report.  I have to share this in the interests of gender equity, since the last "sexy bed time shot" was of Graham.  Sid now keeps the balance a perfect 50% each.  Of course, she only modelled it for that reason, so we should all thank her for taking the "hit for the women."  Between the naked gardening shots and sexy bed time ones, we are gunna knock those bloody fire fighters fair off their calendar perch!


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