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Beautiful Hibiscus flowers welcomed us to Michael's delightful and productive yard. Michael must be commended for such a neat and efficient use of his block! Most (all?) of the edibles are in pots (mostly self-watering) and looking happy. 

Fruit trees and herbs border the outdoor patio, with pleasant whiffs of the bush basil floating past on this splendid Autumn day. As usual, a yummo spread from the BLFers. Still feeling full !

Left-right: Bay leaf, strawberry guava, feijoa and Malabar chestnut

Fun use of old man's beard around the yard

Happy strawberries (multiple varieties) & herbs 

Avocado, bush basil (spectacular! I think a few of us will want seeds Michael!)/ Citrus mint (Orange Mint and Lemon Mint) smells divine - am thinking would add a nice twist to a mojito or even on a G&T, 

Celery in a modified Bunning's garden bed turned self-watering bed.  Some salad greens below. 

Kary Carambola (above), important to control fruit fly. Michael's experiments have found that orange juice+extra sugar was the best bait!

Black Sapote is looking marvelous:

Nectarine Sunright (?) 

Michael uses Jerry CW's method for ginger - keeping it in small pots for more practical use. You just harvest as you need, leaving two bits back in the pot (with new mix) to shoot again.

Cranberry Hibiscus, Spring onions, and small leave jaboticaba (2 fruit this year so far !), curry bush, mulberry and pawpaw.

And now what you've all been waiting for.... FIG SPAM!

Christa pointed out the bugs that skeletonise leaves; you can see the little black caterpillary looking things below

And a Fig - Red Conadria

Thanks so much Michael for hosting, Dianne for organising, Andy for raffling, and everyone who made this another great GV :) 

FIG GROWING IN BRISBANE - See attached images (2)

MICHAEL'S POTTING MIX MIX - See attached image

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Michael, you have surprised us, with your garden.  The fruit trees alongside the fences are growing well in the self watering pots and it was great to see how you prevented the entry of toads in the water reservoirs.

You had plants growing at different levels to use as much space as you can. Next to the sitting area were some very colourful hibiscus flowers.   

Thanks for the fruit fly hints with using orange juice.  The display of different peat coir, and their uses was also good info. 

It was lovely to meet your daughter and grand daughter.

Thanks Michael.  You've inspired me to have a crack at grafting.  It is very impressive what you do in that tiny space. I liked the fruit fly trap bait idea too.  Oh, and I had to add these photos:

I really wanted to see Michaels garden as it would give ideas of what to do with a small garden area.  So sorry I could not make it.  The photos are great but not as good as seeing it in person.  Congratulations Michael on such a wonderful set up, everything looks great.

Thanks Michael for another enjoyable garden visit to your place. I enjoyed the discussions about figs and how you grow them. Your explanations about the potting mix you use and the printed sheets (thanks Sophie), are very useful. I too must try more grafting of trees. I have seen many explanations / demonstrations  of this, but have had little success myself. I must keep having a go.  I would love to graft a number of types of avocados onto a rootstock, type A and B on the one tree to help with pollination. I have a couple of avos grown from seed (in wheelie bins), that should be ideal to practice on. Watch this space!!


Excited to see this grafting excitment at BLF - perhaps we can organise a themed GV?

Thank you so much Michael for a thoroughly enjoyable morning. I just love your little garden you have been able to put a lot into a small space with very good results. I enjoyed your talk on Growing Figs it was something I had been looking forward to since you agreed to do a GV. I was very happy to at last be able to put a face to your daughter and delightful little Grand Daughter.

Thank you so much Sophie for a very informative report, it was lovely to see you again.

And a Special Thank You to all members who attended as without you there would be no GV's and thanks everyone for the Plants, Cutting, Eats and for all your involvement in other Special Events we have from time to time. I hope to see many of you at Northey Street Markets for breakfast next month.

We are still needing some member to put their names forward to host a GV in the month's we still have gaps. Regarding the Interest in a Grafting GV, I will get on to one of our member who was to have a GV last year but had to cancel due to treatment for a health condition, he may be well enough to have one now. He was to do the GV on Grafting.

Susan has offered to have another GV and though we all love to go to her garden and see what she is doing next, it would be nice also to see some members who have not hosted for a while or new members to open up their gardens to us. So I won't forget about your kind offer Susan.


You can feel free to advise me if you decide you need me, oh Queen of Garden Tours. 


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