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Thanks heaps to Doug and Rachel for opening their home and yard to us today.  It was a real delight to share such good company and to celebrate Christmas with my Garden Gurus. Before, I start this report, let me say, "I knew I was never gunna remember all those unfamiliar fancy subtropical fruits that Doug has."  I decided therefore to do a more "global" set of comments. 

We began in the "front garden" which has a whole world of subtropical treasures including: dates and bananas 

It also has one of these:

And one of these:

And a little patch of grow bags where Doug tries to hide his new trees

We moved onto the "above the drive" garden.  Again, a most impressive trove of subtropical trees from mango, avocado, lychee and all those other ones that I don't know. 

Members were most impressed with Doug's mangoes.

The "lower side of the drive" garden is also extremely productive with egg plant, toms etc.  In fact, this is the very site from whence I stole Doug's idea of using the big grow bags, although I will deny that fact. 

Eggplant crop

Evil Dave, of the vetiver fame, has exerted his influence and taken Doug to the Napale darkside.  Most members agreed that it was quite pleasant eating.  Except for Sophie.  She thought they were a bit rubbish.  Here's what they look like:

A little further down, we entered Doug's shed of terror.  This is the place where baby quails are brooded, and grown out prior to moving outside.  I heard a rumour there was a place to secret away the bodies of his enemies, but I can't confirm or deny that fact. 

Finally, we move on to the garden of "here's where the critters really reside" along with "the shed of leafy green safety."  They adjoin the granny flat and "porch of grapy delights."

Hidden behind the granny flat is yet more fruit trees.  I took this picture of the Brazilian cherry so I could see what the fruit of my plant will ... maybe.. one day look like.  

Oh, and Sophie wanted a picture of Doug's path.  She may or may not be going to steal that idea just like I did ... wait!  No I didn't!

Finally, I shall leave you with a shot of the most handsome attendee:

I will also admit that I am very upset that I forgot to take a photo of the Doug Fried Quail that we were served.  Absolutely delightful.  Everybody loved it, even Dianne who I thought wouldn't even try it.  Now, I am not competitive or anything (just like Roger and Susan) but I intend to try to use my air fryer to knock Doug off his Quail Chef King perch.  Unless it doesn't work - in which case you will never hear of this venture again. 

Thanks Doug and Rachel.  I enjoyed it a lot. 


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Thanks Andy for the great report and photo's and Diane for organising the event and supplying the raffles.  The hosts greeted us on arrival, and we sat at a lovely decorated Christmas table beside the pool.  

Doug and Rachel, your garden is a real eye opener and we enjoyed seeing the trees and plants, many of which I have only read about in books in the past. We dined on deep fried quail which was a first for many of us and it was delicious.  The extensive garden wound around the home and we spotted unusual fruit trees around each corner.  The grow bags along the driveway was a good way to grow some vegetables, such as snake beans and amaranth and herbs etc.  The date plants were unusual. There were blackberry, longans bananas and many rare jaboticaba type fruit plants. Beans on the fence and some dragon fruit and much more. 

The mango trees were spectacular and the lychee trees were ready to provide a large harvest, especially the Bosworth 3, which was loaded. Secret Santa was good to us this year. 

You have inspired us to learn and grow more from this visit.  Well done.

What can I say, Spectacular, Fantastic, Marvelous, Inspirational...... This was the Garden Visit that many members had been itching to visit since Doug joined our group and we began to see his photos and videos of his wonderful productive garden. What a Bounty.

Thank-you Andy for an Interesting Report, it is always good to see a GV Report through another set of eyes, rather than mine, the photos are brilliant. 

I must say a very big heartfelt Thank-You to Doug, Rachel & Pup, for welcoming us into your Home & Garden. We all had a lovely time. All of your hard earned work has paid off, and your knowledge of your plants was gratefully appreciated. I am sure we all went home with more Ideas and Information than we came with.

Lastly Thank-You to our members who braved the rains and produced such lovely Fare for our Morning Tea. (apprehensive as I was I enjoyed the taste of your Quail, Lovely, thanks Doug).

I am now taking Bookings for 2021 Garden Visits, so please if you are interested in one of our fabulous Get-Togethers we would love to see you host your own. Your garden need not be on the grand scale, perhaps you have a Balcony Garden, New Garden (needing a little help & inspiration) or a Wild Sustainable Permaculture Garden etc..... Firstly you need to contact me via my BLF Inbox with your preferred Date & Month and we will go from there.

Graham & I would like to finish off by Wishing you, All the Best for the Holiday Season & New Year of 2021. Here's hoping the pitfalls of 2020 are well behind us by 1st Jan 2021. Lastly a Special Thank-You to 4 of my Very Special BLF Friends for helping to Inspire me back into the Garden (You know who you are). 

So sorry I missed this visit, it was one garden I had been wanting to see.  Unfortunately and have no idea why I have not been able to access the site - for some reason today it seems to have come good.  Hope you have another visit in 2021 so I can see the wonders of this wonderful garden.

Thanks Doug and Rachel for a great garden visit. It is amazing what you have created in a relatively short time. I can only endorse the other attendees comments made here. It was also good to see some new faces and most of the regulars once again. Thanks again for your hospitality and have a great Christmas and New Year.

Thanks Doug and Rachel for hosting this wonderful garden visit. We have a wonderful time and learn a lot! We are glad to meet new friends and looking forward to learning more from you all.

Sorry Joe, so remiss of me, it was lovely to meet your Gina & yourself at the Christmas GV. It is always lovely to welcome New Members especially when they are coming over to live on the Dark Side of Town.

We look forward to Sharing Time with you again in Jan 2021.

Thanks Dianne and the others, who organized the GV. We are looking forward to spending time with you!

Thanks Andy, and thank you all for coming. It was great to see everyone again and also meet new garden visit members. Rachel was so impressed with the crowd that she is going to come with me to future visits!

Two umbrellas and a floral poncho were left behind, I can bring them to Diannes GV in January

Hi Doug, The Garden Girl Poncho is mine & The Taylor Made Umbrella is Grahams, you can drop them off when you come to look at our roof sometime.

Oh, and I am so pleased Rachel enjoyed herself, it would be lovely to see her at the GV's.

Such an inspiring garden Doug! Was such a lovely visit and feast to boot.
Andy, I literally laughed out loud - thanks for that!

So much to aspire to :)


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