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Well the bad weather held off for a beautiful day in a Beautiful Lady's garden. 

If you have not been to Dianne's garden before, it is an absolute artwork of gorgeous edibles and ornamentals in rambling garden rooms.  These photo's simply do not do it justice. 

I mean look at these beautiful, healthy edibles in pots lining the stepping stone pathway.

The other side of the path had a variety of herbs and a large pot with hawian guava in it. If you look close, you'll see all her slate labels which just adds that extra touch of whimsy to the place.

Dianne also divides her garden up into many garden rooms with the use of archways, antique metal worked fences and the large trees.  I was standing in an archway that was fully covered with star jasmine (i think) and took this photo.  

Just look at this beautiful healthy vegie patch. 

Edibles are mixed in even in her ornamental garden and done in a way that makes magic.

But just look at this for a magical display. 

So I guess you've noticed that Dianne loves her flowers.  Many roses, salvia's and other cottage garden perennials are in her garden especially out the front.  On some of her rose bushes, there were all these bright orange bags.   They just happen to be Dianne's breeding pens :)  She has signed up for "Bugs for Bugs" to help naturally control pest species in her garden.

 This is not all her garden had to display but is just a snapshot of just how beautiful a productive garden can be.  Dianne is not only an awesome and inspiring gardener but she also makes her own cheeses and chutneys/relishes.  The food table was well stocked with her goodies. 

Well that's it from me folks.  I hope you enjoyed this brief tour around Diannes amazing garden.  If you get a chance to go visit in person - take the opportunity.  You will not be disappointed.

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You are an inspiration to all of us, Dianne.   You are a talented green fingered lady.  So many different aspects to your garden, you have to see it to know.   Your new watering system should give you more time to spend enjoying your work.  Beautiful pots everywhere, too many to mention.  

We were lucky to have tasted your 2 year old matured cheese wheels, they were so tasty. Thank you for the hard work and effort you have put in.  

Also thanks for the report and pics, Susan.

Beautiful. Just beautiful :)

Loving the strawberry pots full of spilling flowers.

A couple of extra photos from the day below - unfortunately i had a commitment that meant i could only stay a short time at Dianne and Graham's, but i didn't want to miss the opportunity to see their inspiring garden.  Everything was just so lovely and healthy.

  I always love to see the edibles mixed in with the ornamentals.Gorgeous figs line the side of the house

Rose garden in the front yard

Thank you Graham and Dianne for opening your garden again - and Susan for your terrific report.

Thank You so much Susan for such a lovely report, the photos are great. You really know how to use that camera. A big thank you also to all our members who were able to come along, it was a lovely day. There were a few Newbies as well as the good old gang. It was so nice and a lovely surprise to see so many members attend especially with the threat of rain and thunder storms. I do hope that not too many of you received any damage.

Thanks to everyone who supplied the beautiful Morning Tea.

W-o-w ... do you have a larger than usual yard, Dianne? You've packed a lot of flourishing plants into the space. Thank you to the photographers and reporters. We stay-at-homes can get a flavour of the event from your efforts :-)

Hi Elaine, We live on a block that is around 750sq mtrs but every nock and cranny around the house and yard has garden beds of some description in it. I must admit though that I think the potting of a lot of our edibles allows us to have more of a variety. Also we only grow what we need nothing to see if we might like it.

We grow Beans and Asian Greens along with Rhubarb and Fruit Trees in the back yard, some almost under the cloths line to Graham's dismay as he has to navigate this whilst hanging out washing. I can't do that job as it calls for 2 arms free and I would fall over without my cane. I have put aside 5 quiet areas with seats and a view of the garden where I can just sit and meditate.

Lettuces in the Front Garden with the Flowers and Citrus. Plus we have a regular Vegetable Garden as well. 

Comment by Roger Clark yesterday

Thanks to Dianne and Grahame for a great garden visit. You must have worked so hard to get everything ship  shape again after your irrigation installation. Everything was very impressive. Not a stone out of place!! We didn't exactly need to bring the wellies along after all. You have done so much work since our last garden visit and I will be very keen to see how everything grows with the new watering system in place. Although you definitely did not need the new system in place yesterday as the storm provided a deluge for the plants. It was great to see everyone again and to meet new people. A good turn out and we all enjoyed the great cheeses Dianne so generously provided. Lunch was so good. The cuisine was very impressive and Brenda and I will definitely be going back for more now that we know about K and K's.

I found a few stones out of place Roger.

Comment by GayleD yesterday

Thanks for todays garden visit Dianne - your garden is always inspiring.

I'm really sorry I was away Dianne.  I love your garden and freely admit that I stole a lot of your ideas for my own patch!  I knew I was going to be put out by missing your cheese.  Damn it!  

Thanks for the report Susan (and Gayle). 

I can't claim any credit.  Thanks to Cathie and Christa.  I'll put it down to jet lag Andy.

That credit goes to Susan for report and extra photos from Cathie.  Are you back from your holiday Andrew?


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