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Hi Everyone,

I don't know about you, but this was a long anticipated garden visit for me.  Christa and Ian have been at many a garden visits and over the years I have heard stories about what they are doing and the things they are growing (PERSIMMONS!!) that I have wanted to see.   Let me tell you, their garden does not disappoint.  

Now, if you've ever been to Dianne's garden (or read my posts about her garden) you'll know that I gush about how beautiful her garden is.  I have found another favourite.  Christa and Ian's place is just stunning, with pots of beautiful, productive fruit trees everywhere, crammed in to a tiny space - you could do some of this in a courtyard - but arranged with that artistic flair that most people (myself included) lack.   The first shot is a panoramic shot of their backyard. 

They plant in wicking beds mostly and Ian has made these gorgeous boxes from garden pallets in which they place styrofoam boxes that they've turned into wicking pots.  I just love the detail with the stones around the herb plants. 

On the left is where I admired her many different dragon fruits.  I never knew there was so many!!

I've wanted to see their super dwarf banana and man, it is a cute little bush.  Elaine, this might definitely be one for you as it reached my shoulders and you wouldn't have to climb a ladder to get the fruit. 

The next photo is as we head up to the back garden, where there are tonnes of wicking barrels made out of blue drums.

Look at her productive citrus!

Paw paws, more banana's and other things I don't have names for. :)

A gorgeous seat that Ian made.  BTW he also makes native bee hives,  see if you can spot them in the photo's.



More pots at the front of the big ponsettia tree.  No space is wasted.

Lastly, my favourite part - the persimmons.  Absolutely delightful.  Ian insisted I take the last two from the tree.  

So many more things that they had.  Christa actually had a typed list of all her trees and seriously, it was a mini book.  

Thanks for sharing the garden with us.  I was so glad I got toe see it.  

 Happy gardening folks

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It was indeed pretty special.  I do wonder a little though how Ian slapping his hand on the ground whilst screaming "I yield. I yield" was the same thing as "please take some persimmons."  Just saying Susan.  Oh, apparently his shoulder doesn't need surgery.  That's nice!

I was truly in awe as I walked around Christa and Ian's garden, so many productive trees and plants - I could have spent hours and hours investigating the back yard.  Since our visit I have been staring at my back yard and imagining what I can do with mine, planting in the drums has given me so many ideas, I just need to source the drums and then get on with the job.  Thanks Christa and Ian for opening your wonderful garden to us.

What a wonderful Day out. Thank you so much Christa and Ian for opening up your garden to our members for one of our most enjoyable and anticipated Garden Visits. I have seen this garden grow and grow over the last couple of years. Christa and Ian have worked tirelessly to make their garden a truly pleasurably one to visit, their work has surely paid off. 

Thank you Susan for a lovely report. You have given those who were not able to attend an insight into a garden full of not only interesting plants but also the use of upcycled timbers and the use of pots and unusual ideas for growing plants in.

Also thank you to all member who attended, without you there would be no Garden Visits. On that note there are still months available for GV's so please take a look at the calendar and pick a month you would like to have one, it is that easy. You may have a tiny Balcony Garden or an Orchard, New Garden or an Established one. It is always a pleasure to share an interest that brings such happiness to both the Gardener and the Visiting Members as well as those who cannot visit (through these Reports).

I have added these comments that were left on the EVENTS page....
Comment by Andrew Cumberland 9 hours ago
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LOL.  Elaine, Roger was just saying thanks! 

Comment by CHERYL SLAPP 22 hours ago
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Hi Elaine,  Susan is doing the pix and write up for the visit - you missed a really good one and a shame you could not make it.

Comment by Elaine de Saxe 22 hours ago
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Thank you for your report Roger. Do you have any pix? Or has any other attender have some pix for we stay-at-homes?

Comment by Roger Clark yesterday
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Many thanks to Ian and Christa for the garden visit to their garden on Sunday. I was amazed at how they have set up their garden around the two huge Poinciana trees that are so impressive. It was worth going just to see these magnificent trees alone.  Ian and Crista have a great set up of plastic tubs that they grow a huge variety of fruit and veges in. They have a vast range of  trees, which seem to create their own micro climate, but which also benefit from the shade of the backyard Poinciana. The neat well cared for paths meander around the tubs and the good health of the plants is testimony to the many hours that have been spent in creating this great example of what can be done with a lot of hard work and  commitment. Thanks for your great hospitality and friendship! We had a lovely time and it was nice to catch up with everyone after my Summer hibernation. Now I am feeling that I should get out and get going again.  

A couple more of Photos taken in Christa and Ian's lovely Garden..

Woo hoo! A superb garden. Thank you to Christa and Ian for hosting the visit and thank you to Susan for the report and to the photographers for the pix. Well worth the wait ;-)

Talking about pushing the gardening envelope!


Thank you everyone for your kind words,  we think of our backyard as a bit of an exercise place and playground.   We enjoy seeing things grow, and walking around and tasting a piece of fruit or a nice green leaf.  Growing things has always been in my blood since I was quite young. Ian is learning as much as he can about gardening now, his mother would be proud of him.

Thanks for the pics and write-up Susan, you could have had more persimmons, they will be frozen now.  Many of our local gardeners have helped us with new ideas and given us the will to keep gardening.

Did anyone notice any spare room for more tubs, I think my new Sapodilla will be my last big purchase.  Thanks Dianne for talking us into having a garden visit.

so inspiring!! love the pallet garden boxes :) Looking green and lush


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