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Saturday began as one of the coldest for the year though by 9am the day began to look promising and by 10 o'clock it was as pleasant a day that we could have asked for.

We were greeted by our enthusiastic host Cathie, with her even more beautiful enthusiastic black and white dog.

In the middle corner of the front garden are Two Flow Hive, the Bees were quite active when we were there. Those who have tasted Cathie's Honey know how lovely it is. I was supposed to buy some for Darren (so sorry Darren I forgot).

With the pleasantries of welcomes etc. taken care of, it was time to sit down and enjoy a wonderful Morning Tea supplied by Cathie, Susan (Cathie's twin sister) and our Members. There was a wonderful array of Sweet and Savory from Dips, Nasturtium Pesto, Olive Sour Dough Bread to Lemon Slice, Chocolate Slice and Blueberry Cordial.

We all sat down with our Morning Tea and were joined by Cathie for her talk on "My Garden Heroes", it proved to be a fascinating talk about the People in Cathie's Life eg. from her Grand Mother's love of gardening to the Author's of books she had read on Permaculture, Easy but Productive ways of Gardening  and More. Other Members might like to add to this discussion some of the names of the authors Cathie mentioned. 

We were then off on our much anticipated Garden Walk and Talk Through.

The Obelisk show the way

Edible Flowers, Salvia, Cape Gooseberries, Banana, Ginger and Paw Paw are just a few of the plantings you will see as you wander a path.

A Productive Passionfruit climbs gracefully to adore the house and Veranda.

In the raised beds Cathie has planted  sowing of Mustard Seed to eventually turn into the bed, Tamarillo & Herbs.

Everyone listeners intently to Cathie talk of her first ever Banana Bunch and how they need to be bagged due to around 10 Possums living in the Bearded Palm. Also we can't forget the feed the Flying Fox could have as well.

In this area you will find Elderberry, Various Mustards, Kohlrabi, Parsley, Ginger, Kale and many more edibles.

A bountiful garden with many Tomato varieties, Leaf Greens used for Stir Fries and Salads, and not to forget the Diakon and Round White Turnips.

Cathie pulls the Diakon whilst we were there, I am sure you will agree it is a nice sized one. There is some good eating in the leaves as well, a Kimchi would be nice.

We all wandered back through the garden and back door but not past the Morning Tea table for a little more fare and a cuppa. It was then time for Valerie's young son Jerome (The Ticket Master) to draw the winning ticket. The prize is a bottle of Andy's Famous Kumquatcello.

Won by Ian, Christa's husband. Photo of Andy handing Ian the bottle of Kumquatcello Liqueur.

 Cathy with her Dailon and Round White Turnip.

What a wonderful morning we had with you Cathie, your garden is looking so productive as usual. Thank you for the talk and I am sure our members got a lot from it as did I. 

To all our members a big thank you goes out to you for coming along and joining us with the endevour to learn from like members. Not to mention the wonderful Morning Teas that are put before us.  

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Thank you Dianne! Great to read and see the reports. My goodness Cathie, that is one helluva garden, busting out all over with such wonderful plants. And the Daikon! It's a fabulous radish and pickles a treat. Looks like a great morning :-)

Well, each time I visit a garden, I say it's the best one I been too.  It is always a surprise to see how we each try to grow as much as we can - per metre, up and down.   Then I remember it is easy for us retired people to sit back and enjoy our garden, but I also have a lot of respect for those gardeners who still have to earn an income and then make time to  garden as well. 

Cathie, had a garden that is full of food to eat.   Citrus trees along the back and food in every space.  Grapes, bananas, and avocado trees ready to plant, plenty of herbs and strawberry plants, mustard plants.

You can stand there proudly, holding your huge daikon and white turnip. Your forbears would be proud of you.

We sampled the goodies, there were 2 lovely sourdough breads to try, and Ian loved both of them, I had a taste as well. Cakes and slices for everyone.  The bee were busy scurrying around for nectar, as Andrew found out.     Cathie generously shared her spare sourdough starter. 

Then to find out that Ian won the raffle of the day, well that topped it off just nice.  We have not cracked it open yet but will let you know when we do.  Thanks to Andrew for donating the 3 year old Kumquatcello Liquer.

P.S. What was that plant called ? sespastia??

Christa, it was senposai - very similar to a bok choi in flavour although it is related to komatsuna which has a mild mustard flavour.  It is great in salads or to use as a veggie wrap especially good with soy ginger seasoned pork mince and rice in the middle of the wrap. The other one I mentioned was Tokyo bekana with the lighter green frilly leaf.  Great lettuce substitute.

Wow! The garden is looking good Cathie :) Looks like a fun informative day.

I must apologize for the spelling and typing errors folks. I can't see my keyboard keys and computer screen very well now and until I get my new computer and keyboard from Vision Australia I have to live with the problem. Also to say nothing of the fact I really need Graham to do my proof reading for me, well next time.

Oh, Dianne, you wonderful woman!  Fantastic report!  So glad you and Graham got the shot of Cathie with her radish and turnip.  If I can add my two cents (that's about all it's worth) Cathie has done amazingly well on her tiny patch.  She suffers my dilemma about the south side of the yard being so shady but she seems to do much better than I do.  I really enjoyed the visit and the excellent company from BLF members.  What?  Yeah, okay, the food was bloody good too!  It's a tough gig munching on artisan breads, home made pesto, chocolate treats etc.  I'm happy to take one for the team and pig out - but yeah, it's hard.... hahahahahahaha!  (Sorry) 

Really enjoyed my first garden visit, so lovely to meet everyone.  You've done an excellent job of summing up the day, Dianne.  Senposai - I cannot tell you how long I spent trying to track that down on the internet, only to have the wrong spelling lol.

Cathie, your garden is awesome, I really enjoyed observing how you've laid everything out and how lush and green it all is.  I'm definitely taking away your sawdust idea for when I have a garden of my own one day.  I thought it made an excellent natural path to walk on.  And I really enjoyed your talk, doing my best to look up the three main authors you mentioned.


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