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What a beautiful and wonderful experience, it was like walking into a Bedside Story, a world full of Flowers, Caterpillars and Butterflies, and not to forget the occasional Fairy darting in and out.

On entering we could see into the Sterile environment of the many volunteer workers, preparing the Chrysalises to go onto toothpicks and the Caterpillars onto their preferred tree branches. These could be seen in their own little habitats along the glass walled entrance. On leaving this area we then ventured into the World of the Butterfly. Around the entrance was a lovely Mosaic Arch made by Helen Riley who just happens to be the very talented wife of Dave Riley. 

The Butterflies enjoy a Misting Steam Bath while flying around and can land at anytime to drink from the prepared juice of water, sugar, vitamins and minerals. They also enjoy to spend time in the wet sand where they drink. I would highly recommend this outing to anybody of any age.

I am sure some of our members who came along will have some photos to post. After this not to be missed opportunity it was time to go to lunch with Lissa (who we had not seen for a while) at the Sylvan Beach Seafood Cafe'. We all enjoyed a delightful lunch with beautiful surrounding and pleasant company.     

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It was a great outing - thanks Lissa for organising.

Lots of ideas on how to make your garden more butterfly friendly - and a nursery next door to tempt you as well. 

This is the website of the Butterfly House 

I have photos but I have to figure out how to get them off my phone :)

Thank you for coming folks. It was lovely to see you again.

We did have a great time, at the Butterfly House.  The space was filled with fluttering butterflies, the one's that I had noticed were common crow, lurchers, varied eggfly both male and female, and red lacewing.  The swallowtails and wanderers and blue tigers, yellows and I am sure I have missed so many. 

Around the outside perimeter of the enclosure they had their host plants and they were mainly snake weed which I believe is named Stachytarpheta, it was the purple flowering type.  There was also the old favourite Penta and they had some of the original old taller types such as red and purple flowered which hold more nectar for the butterflies then the ones that are available in the shops.  Unfortunately I had wanted to buy the red one but had forgotten.  The butterflies landed on our hats, shoulders and hands.  It was a beautiful experience to be close to them.  They had sand puddles, like a sand tray which is kept damp for them to drink from.

The other unusual thing we saw was a stick insect on a native mulberry named Pipturus argenteus and this was covered in these unusual dull green insects, if that is what you would class them as?   Not praying mantis but a thicker almost prehistoric looking twig or dead leaf. 

They had a gentleman give a type of lecture talk and walk through but we were so engrossed with the enclosure we had forgotten to line up for that.  

It was also nice to catch up with Lissa and GayleD and enjoy a lovely meal of fish and chips at Sylvan Beach.  Thanks Dianne for organising that event, we will go back to that one day.  


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