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Suffering from GV withdrawal we gathered at Lissa's for just one more look at her blooming garden.

Sunny weather, bees both native and exotic flying in clouds, water plants green and lush. Paw paws coming along, Bananas fattening up. Amaranth laden with seed, Lettuces springing up here and there. Even that edible cactus Nopales bursting into bloom. Although it doesn't make edible fruits.

Exotic bees in their top bar hive - see them flying in the red oval.

One of several bee hotels for the solitary native bees:

Nopales edible cactus:

Dragon Fruit and white Choko heading for the clouds:

Some of the elevated beds:

Pawpaws and water plants:

And Lissa with some of our members (photo taken by Rob C):

Thank you Lissa for sharing your garden with us :-)

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Thanks Lissa for sharing the garden, cuttings and tastes of the gardens. Thanks Elaine for the loan of the camera and the top shots from the day.

Thanks Lissa,

Good to catch up and see some new faces. Great day for it and the garden is kicking up for spring.

Good to chat as always, lots of people doing lots of things in lots of ways makes for good garden education.

The boys must have been close in numbers to the girls, good to see

Thanks to all, 

Regards Mark

Yes I second Rob's and Mark's sentiment. As a BLF newbie I enjoyed meeting everybody and especially seeing Lissa's garden in person (the photos don't do it justice). Hopefully all the cuttings Lissa gave to me take root and I can return the favour sometime in the future.

We can all add something, and if we share, it is so much better for the think tank.
Rob and Phil have a lot to offer,  as do all others, enjoyed the catch up today, great stuff.
You both have great knowledge and GV's are a great way to share that knowledge face to face.
great stuff
Hope your compost is smoking.

Mark, I have so much to learn. It smokes in the mornings, but I think I may have dried it out. I have read/heard that putting layers of straw between horse poo, helps airflow and accelerates decomposition. I have done this retrospectively and not too well, but this stuff is easy to move around ... hang on ... easier than dirt or forest mulch, so I'll be willing to layer it properly if it speeds things up. I'm not covering it as well, whats your thoughts on covering?

Big thank you to Elaine for writing the report and taking the photos. Difficult to catch the bees in flight, so well done!

Thank you to everyone who came :D Lovely to get together and wander around the yard talking plants. If any cuttings don't make it just let me know and we can try again.

Here's Claudia checking out the hive with her Dad, Rob - bit bright, she had the sun in her eyes:


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