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An enthusiastic crowd gathered for the third visit to Valerie's compact garden.

There was a comprehensive swap table with plenty of swapping going on.

The snack table was as always, crowded with home-made foods.

There was plenty of conversations and the reason we get together regularly: swapping experiences and asking questions (and sometimes, finding answers).

Thank you Valerie for inviting us and for showing us around your productive garden.

One of the covered beds:

The swap table:

Listening to Valerie's introduction to her garden:

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Thanks to Christa for the  photos:

Under the awning for morning tea, away from the light showers. Roz and Elaine featured.

Andy and Ian having a serious conversation.

Valerie's cute little pet quail.

Valerie's interesting take on a vertical garden using buckets.

Large passion fruit vine over the chook run; wicking bed on the right; seed grown avo in black pot; veg bed with self made frame for net on the left.

Thanks Valerie for allowing us to visit your garden, and for the lovely goodies you made for us on the day. I have taken your idea of the passionfruit over the tree and the chook pen, saves us building a large trellis. 

Loved the little quail. We are tempted to get one or two. 

Wonderful way to spend a morning.  Great food, fantastic company... life's good. 

Thanks Valerie!

Thanks Valerie for hosting a very enjoyable morning, loved the lemon lime butter you made in a twinkling on that amazing machine of yours :)
Can't wait to hear how your coffee harvest goes.

Thanks Valerie for the GV

Loved the lemon/lime butter


Thank You Valerie, What a wonderful morning, Good Friends, Great Food and Lots of Lovely Goodies, as a savoury lover, I thoroughly enjoyed Andy's Cheese, Susanne's Chilli Sauce and Susan's Spring Rolls. All the food on offer is always so good.

We were so deep in our conversation that we forgot the time and had to ask our gracious host if she minded, of course she didn't. I always come home inspired by everything everyone is doing and the Hints, Tips and Tricks abound, we do have a talented lot on BLF don't we..

Thank you everybody for coming on Saturday. Thank you for the beautiful cakes and cheese and jams. Thank you for the mulch and cuttings. 

I am looking forward to having the White oil recipe to save my multigrafts and the ingredient needed to make lying water unfriendly to mosquitoes on my vertical garden.

I had an interesting conversation about the Flow hive. Will post in a separate discussion what I found to correlate that. 

I realized after everybody had left that I did not show the other side of the garden where the coffee tree was but it sounds like it wasn't missed. I have yet to install the OLA watering system. At this stage I am really happy that the garden visit motivated me to work on the garden and make it beautiful for my mum's visit. 

Totally got inspired to get more companions for my Lil (quail).

Sadly on Sunday we lost one of our chooks, who had been unwell for a while. Despite nursing her and trying to hand feed her, she peacefully went to sleep in the shade in the afternoon. 

Left behind was the large plastic container with the yummy pumpkin muffins. (Sophie?)

Also wanted to confirm that the beans in the brown paper bag were the snake beans?

White Oil 
2 Cups vegetable oil 
½ Cup washing up liquid

  • Combine in a jar
  • Put the lid on and give it a good shake and you've got concentrated white oil.
  • Label it and store this in a cool, dry place, out of reach of children and it should last about three months.
  • Remember to add the dilution rate to the label - 2 Dessert spoons per 1 litre of water.

Note: Be careful using oils in the heat as they can cause burning. If using a purchased horticultural oil, always read the instructions on the label and spray in the cool of the morning.

For a quick nutrient fix
To four and a half litres (4.5L) of water add:

  • 3 tablespoons of seaweed concentrate
  • 1 teaspoon of trace elements
  • 2 teaspoons of iron chelates

Mix it all well and water it in around the roots

Thank you ;)

Sorry to hear about your chookie Valerie :( Glad to hear you will get some companions for Lil.


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