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The Elaines' weren't able to attend Gayle's GV recently due to illness. Gayle very kindly offered the ladies their own private viewing of the changes to her garden.

Hot day, so we started with a drink of water on the back verandah and Gayle pointing out features and describing the alterations to the pool to turn it into a rainwater storage area.

The ladies were impressed with Gayle and Ken's clever usage of the old pool fencing as a vertical garden around the fencing.

Gayle has improved the walkway from the new outdoor area to the house. 

Clever little trolley for carting material around the yard.

Elaine checking out the mainly native front garden. Gayle has chosen a majority of native plants, many of them blooming, which attract local birdlife. Ponds and birdbaths ensure they have water handy.

Graptophyllum ilicifolium – Holly Fuschia

One of the beautiful pink Native Hibiscus' blooming around the gardens.

Delicate Rice Flower Ozothamnus diosmofolius ...I remember this blooming during the last GV. They just keep on keeping on.

Incredible Rosemary bush in the front yard. 

Euphorbia graminea - the native bees were all over these plants in droves.

It grows very easily from seed and cutting. As with all euphorbias milky sap can be irritant/toxic. Tendency to weediness also means not suitable for a verge

The front footpath garden was a mass of paper daisy blooms. Grown from seed and seedling. Very accepting of the heat.

Gayle's vege beds were about to be overhauled to cope with the coming hot weather. She does have a lot of success with growing fruiting plants in large tubs like these Blueberries and figs.

Grow pots up the side of the house make use of a difficult area.

The ladies keeping a safe distance from the entrance to the tank.

Beautiful conversion Gayle and Ken. The Elaines' were most impressed with the work you have done and the way you have organised the garden areas to allow for vege and fruit growing and outdoor entertainment area over the new water holding tank.

Thank you for having us over :)

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What a wonderful opportunity for the girls. Gayle's place is a lovely and is looking even more beautiful now with the plants flowering. Thanks so much Lissa for sharing these pics.

It was a super visit! I was surprised by the verge garden with its separate paths for walkers and the postie which were not so obvious in the earlier photos. Really that verge is stunning! 

Gayle has an eye for detail of design and where the garden was beautifully laid out around the pool, suddenly the whole garden emerges from its former constraints and blossoms into a delightful whole.

We both had a wonderful day out with good company, the lovely garden was worth waiting for! Thank you Lissa for taking us and thank you Gayle and Ken for making the time for us.

gosh the gardens look as though they have flourished even since our visit ! well done everyone - great to see the Elaines looking so well ! and yes awesome photos Lissa 

Thanks Lissa,

The bush with the red flowers is Graptophyllum ilicifolium – Holly Fuschia 
lovely bush popular with the little brown honeyeaters

The bee bush with the white flowers is Euphorbia graminea  
It grows very easily from seed and cutting 
As with all euphorbias milky sap can be irritant/toxic.
Tendency to weediness also means not suitable for a verge
But it flowers all year round and as Lissa saw, the native bees love it.
First saw it in Jerry C-W's garden which is a good enough endorsement for me.

The Rice Flower is Ozothamnus diosmofolius and you can get tubestock from Kumbartcho
Thinking of getting a couple of them for the verge


Sorry Gayle, I could not make it to see your lovely garden, I had family over to stay from NSW.  The photo's are excellent Lissa.  Thanks for naming white flowered shrub for native bees, I will get some of them asap.  The native bee's need some nectar plants badly.   The rice flower is unusual.  You have done so much.  Thanks for sharing a second time.  

If you want some of the Euphorbia, you just need a piece to stick in the ground. I can bring some along to Andy's gv or I  drop some pieces off at your place sometime this week if you send me a message with your address.  

Thanks folks for helping us enjoy the garden a second time around!

Thank you Gayle for the names of those plants - I'll add them to the blog tomorrow morning when I' not so tired.

Good that we stuck to the arranged date since it's dull and chill today ... definitely worth the wait!

Hi everyone,you are a real gem Lissa for taking If I can say some of our  true matriachs of BLF to Gails private garden visit.So nice for you Gail to to give the time and show your true oasis,Im impressed with all of it.Your rosemary forest ! and front verge gardening are great and the fact that you can do this without it being destroyed by numbskulls proves the effort is worth it.Well done.Your drum you gave me Gail is happily saving water in this weekends welcome rain


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