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Susan is so passionate about her garden it is truly infectious. Her smallish suburban yard on the corner of a public park area is an urban oasis for fruiting plants, flowers, chickens, bees, pup and kids. Chickens chosen for their ability to lay different coloured eggs are clucking away making you feel like you've walked onto a farm.

Susan has used her available space very wisely, buying dwarf plants and keeping fruiting trees trimmed to a manageable size and branching out into the public area around her with Pecan and Walnut trees, pumpkin vines and potato plants. She is also using the fence space to good effect with hanging wicking pots for strawberries.

We were able to taste test honey from her newish but incredibly productive top bar hive and it was delicious.

Andrew admiring the chook run out the front yard, home to six chooks which are allowed to free range often.

Two of the girls working on laying and getting very verbal about it.

Zack showing off some of Mums citrus crop.

Heavily cropping pawpaw and banana plants in the front yard benefit from close proximity to the chook run and regular poo.

Clever use of the fence with wicking baskets for keeping the strawberries out of the way of ground dwelling predators.

A newish Dwf Mulberry is covered in ripening fruit.

The lovely back patio is framed by the Dwf Mango on the right which produces well each year and a Custard Apple on the left. Herbs and citrus are behind the chook proof fence.

Frankie makes friends with the sweet new edition to the household, 5mth old Maxie.

Lots of flowers in the backyard including these Sweet Peas, Marigolds and Cosmos.

Multi graft citrus in wicking pot with Mint companion plant.

One of two Lychee plants covered in flowers crops well each year.

Raised bed area at the bottom left of the garden is fenced off from the chooks and dog.

And on the right side of the back garden is the productive top bar beehive.

Encouraged by the council mowing around her escaped pumpkin vines instead of over them, Susan has planted two nut trees (Walnut and Pecan), pumpkin and potato in the public space outside her fence. All she needs now is a gate to access it easily!

Refreshment after our wander was provided by Andrew with a bottle of his highly volatile Ginger drink. Slightly alcoholic and very keen to get out of the bottle. Getting the lid off safely took about 5minutes.

Thank you to Susan, Francis and family for inviting us over to enjoy their blissful garden. Lots of inspiration for anyone wanting to grow food on a suburban block.

Thank you to all who turned up - some regulars and some new faces which is always good to see.

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Part 2 - another report and pix from Susan's garden is here.

Thank you Susan for your hospitality and tour of your expanding and productive garden.  So glad I made it.

Sorry to have missed your garden visit Sue , looking at these great pictures and reports you are now even more productive .Remember you were saying  at one of the other  visits you were going all out to be more productive and you certainly have not failed looks fantastic.Hope I can make your next visit .

Wow.  A tiny city farm to be proud of Susan!  Max is possibly the most trainable dog I have ever met - and I've met a lot. 

I missed seeing your lovely gardens Susan, they're awesome in the photos anyway. Andy, I had to smile when I saw the look of pre-fiz expectation there.

Took 5 minutes to open the damn thing Rob!

I love these reports, especially I tend to miss a lot of the visits nowadays!  Thanks Susan for hosting this visit, and Lissa, Elaine for posting the reports :)

Thanks very much everyone :)  I loved having you all here to check it out.  Next time, I want to aim for one in late summer when the mangos and lychees are all happening.


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