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Thank you all for coming today :) I hope you all went home with some goodies and had enough to eat and drink.

What a wonderful turn out (really must find the time to count bodies one day, but we expected around 30 adults plus kids). Big thank you to Jan Holley for the demo with her non-electric sauce making machine. If any one wants more information on the name and where to get (bought hers from Amazon) please contact Jan.

I counted up the money from the raffle for the charity, Cup From Above, when everyone left and we had raised $77 towards the total cost of $135 for a load of composted manure for the community garden. Incredible.

I screwed up all the butts and my neighbour drew two tickets - Valerie J21 first prize of 3kg of honey and I added a second prize of a smaller bottle which went to Stacey J38. 

If no one has any objection I might run another raffle at the next GV at Valerie's on 7th to help raise the balance.

Some goodies have been left behind - a very beautiful Degas (?) brollie, a red, black and white glass plate with some asian characters and a plastic storage container (containing some slice). If anyone owns these please let me know so we can get them back to you.


A wonderful Garden Visit to start 2015 the right way ... after 4 inches of rain, there's no better introduction to a new gardening year.

Our theme for today was 'Useful Gadgets' and to get us started, Jan Holley brought along her non-electric sauce maker. See Jan's blog about it here.

A nifty machine which turns out a top product for the keen passata, salsa, sauce and jam-makers among us.

Puree goes into the jug, skin and seeds are separated out.

The puree:

and the skin and seeds:

Packed into a standard suburban block, Lissa's food garden is still expanding. 'There is always room for one more fruit tree' ;-) The fence-side of the footpath is now flourishing with Pepino and Aibika with Chokoes framing the side fence.

The front yard is looking like a front yard 'should' - growing food with less and less lawn to mow.

There's Paw Paw - now if you ever wondered what the difference is between a male and a female/bisexual PawPaw/Papaya this is it: a flourishing male tree in all his glory:

(hint: it's all in the stalk)

There's yellow Tamarillos, ripening Pomegranate and the tiniest Black Genoa fig laden with fruit (the one Lissa couldn't resist at Master's the other day):

The back yard with its above-ground beds all netted now with insect-proof netting and sporting two of Darren's above-ground wormeries (aka worm towers).

As always, there's enthusiastic volunteer plants popping up here and there. To say nothing of the weirdest 'Pumpkin' fruit we've seen.

(The new-variety Pumpkin turned into a football)

Our swap table was laden with goodies: seeds, cuttings, plants, fruits ...

The food table was enhanced by a good crop of Jaboticaba for us to try.

Thank you Lissa for your hospitality, I know that we enjoyed ourselves and going on the comments from other BLFers, they had a ball as well.

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Many thanks LIssa for hosting this visit - great visit, great company and very interesting sauce maker which I would like to thank Jan for demonstrating.  Once again outstanding morning.

A great turn out and a great day, Lissa! Thanks for your hospitality, generosity & incredible juggling and organisational skills.

Thanks girls :)

Jan your comment really means a lot to me at the moment. I'm about to lose my job which involves lots of organising and multi-tasking. A blow to my self confidence.

Sorry to hear about your job but you are such a great organizer and hard worker that I am sure you will find something very quickly.  Thinking of you and if there is anything I can do, please let me know, day or night.

Thanks Cheryl. I have been offered training work for which I am grateful. I had hoped to hold on to my current job but that doesn't look promising.

Thank you Elaine :) Always good to have your company and expertise.

Wow! So lucky, Thank you Lissa. For the honey but also for the day. Very happy to have finally made it to a BLF event and meet some of the lovely BLF people in person. I enjoyed your garden very much, a lot of plants I had heard about before, but not seen. Thank you for the effort and welcome. 

Wonderful day despite the rain.  My mum was very happy with all the goodies we took home - cuttings from a geranium, citronella smelling plant and dragon fruit.

Thanks for being such a great host and it was so nice to share a morning with other keen food growers.  Questions were flying at you left right and centre yet you managed to cope with it all so well! Very lush food garden, jam packed full of goodies, without looking crowded - loved it.   Very inspiring. The sauce maker demo' was great too.  Thank you so much for the cuttings too.  

Just a couple of pics to add -  the raised gardens and a hand of healthy looking bananas, with their companions. 


Hi Lissa Thanks for your hospitalityIy,It was a great day had by all our  friendly blf crowd . Delicious food, great company and  your wonderful edible garden. The cuttings have gone to a good home hydrating at present and in ground tomorrow .Andrew and myself were wondering where we could   get seeds for that hairy  melon amongst your pumpkin patch lol.I  could have spent all day talking to you about your garden .  .Sorry to hear about your job, Im also out of work at moment .Hope to see you soon when your over my way.

Thank you Darren  and all :) It means a lot that you all had a good day.

Darren - I've sent you a PM. Can you check your inbox please.

Elaine - I've moved your photos and report up to the front so it doesn't get lost in the comments. Thank you.


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