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We couldn't have asked for a lovelier Winter's day, the Sun shining and a well attended GV with many of our BLF friends.

Thank you so much to Cathie our lovely host for inviting us into her garden for a very informative GV. Cathie gave us a talk on her Flowhive followed by a demonstration of just how easy it is to extract the honey. As the honey comes out so pure and clean there are many reasons that some of our members now feel they could keep European Bees. Perhaps the trend has been set with a honey tasting GV coming us.

We were then treated to a walk through Cathie's Garden. It is amazing just how much she has been able to plant into the area available. From a wonderful Passionfruit Vine growing along the verandah to Gingers, Asian Vegetables, Herbs and a Magnificent Tangelo Tree to Beans, Peas and assorted vegetables in a netted area.

Thank You again Cathie for your hospitality and to our Members who attended bringing along their delectable delights and a good supply of swap materials and produce.

Perhaps you would like to host a GV in your garden, we still need hosts for October and November, and am taking bookings for 2018 if you would like to host please send Dianne a Personal Message.

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Fabulous! Thank you Cathie and Dianne for a glimpse into your garden. Cathie the edges and hoops: are they a commercial package or what is the material used for the hoops?

Looks like you are battling shade too in the winter; does the garden get much more sunny in the summer?

Elaine, my little 'covered wagon' beds are made of the following:- metal garden beds from Aldi, bird netting cut to size from Bunnings to keep out cabbage white butterfly/moth, ag pipe which I picked off the sidewalk when we had kerbside pickup which is fitted down into some recycled Nespresso tube thingys pushed down into the corners. They work great for my purposes. I have Asian greens, lettuces and brassicas pushing up the netting in them. I love actually harvesting my greens for the table rather than the chooks!
Also yes, winter shade is a bit of a problem but there are sunny spots in the front and the back does get quite a few hours of good sun in the summer when the sun is higher in the sky and clears the roof of the house which is two storey. I have become more and more aware of aspect and positioning stuff to capture the sunshine. At the GV Andy and I had to agree that we have very distinct different parts of the garden that do well in the different seasons.

Looks so neat Cathie :) Wonderful. You have packed a great deal of quality growing into a smallish amount of space.

Thanks so Much Mary-Ann for the lovely Passionfruit that you had on the swap table. I have made good use of them and have made some Citrus and Passionfruit Cordial. It really is lovely.

so glad you made use of them - we picked another bucket load today - I took some to work and some to tonights craft group -thanks so much for the Capulin cherry pieces they are looking good still- potted them up in three pots - one lot just in potting mix, one dipped in honey and one in rooting powder so willl see which are more sucessful at striking !!!! 

Another great garden visit ,thanks Cathie for a great day and sharing with us all ,your little bit of paradise.I really enjoyed your   very imformative talk on your flowhive.Trully amazing for twenty people to be standing around whilst you are harvesting honey and all is fine with no  people  stung and the bees just carrying on like normal.I  have planted your taro in a big wicking pot and hoping for better success.

Thanks Cathie,  It was great to see a Flowhive in action.

Cathie, can you email me on We have a organic co-op run next week. I can send you the info and order form. Valerie


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