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Blue skies, fluffy white clouds, balmy breezes ... bayside location, great crowd. And a wonderfully packed garden with chooks, bees, flowers and edibles upon edibles!

There are trees edible and ornamental, flowers, in-ground beds, above-ground beds, wicking beds both back and front.

One of our most packed garden visits saw old friends and new friends talking, eating and admiring; sitting in the shade or dodging the chooks.

The swap table and food table were groaning with goodies.

What more could a gardener ask?

Back corner of the yard:

Three lots of bees:

These bees were rescued by Susanne from a water meter box:

Chook-proof garden edge:


Lotus as part of a well-grown water garden:

Rosellas about to be turned into jam (Susanne is a legendary cook!):

Wicking beds:


Some of the 20 or so BLF members and friends who had a ball:


And around the front (no part of this garden is devoid of useful plants!):


Front yard:

Thank you for your hospitality Susanne, you did yourself and BLF proud!

LINK to Dianne's post and pix.

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Thanks to Suzanne, I now know that geraniums can be climbing :). I got the most beautiful Bergundy coloured climbing geranium that I hope will strike along with the angelonas and salvia that I got from Diane. I too got a small piece of turmeric that I need to put somewhere and whoever bought the garlic cloves - thanks!! I'll probably kill them but you never know :) Thanks for the chokos James, I used one last night in a stir fry and it was yum ( or at the very least, my kids didn't pick it out like they did the eggplant and capsicum :).

What  wonderful GV, thanks so much Susanne for sharing your home and garden with us. Susan the Garlic Cloves you took home were mine left over from my planting last week, good luck with them as I had them for a while and wasn't sure how long you could keep them. Thanks Elaine for the Garlic Cloves you gave me. Wil put the recipes up on the RECIPES section when I get a minute.

Rob, wondered why I had a Water Celery plant in my bag, forgot it was yours I gave you and we were hiding it from the Chooks. I will pot it up for you for next time I see you.

It was great to meet so many of our new member and some older ones I had not meet before. Christine your Mulberry Turnovers were beautiful. James those Chokos have come to a good home I think I might make pickles.

I have put some more photos up on another discussion as I couldn't add them all here.

Thanks Rob for the Watercress seedlings, and thanks Elaine for the Garlic cloves, which Susan shared with Christine. We were busy today making some potting mix for them. We planted the garlic in two big pots in a well drained mix with lots of gypsum for p.h..  The Watercress were placed in two hanging pots.

Ah James, that Garlic was not mine. My few spares went to Dianne and Sophie.

The Chokoes are ready to be eaten ;-)

Hi James, The Garlic Cloves were mine that you shared with Susan. Hope they grow well for you. Thanks again for the Chokoes.  

Thanks so much Elaine for the Garlic Cloves, they do look different to the ones I planted and gave away left overs to Susan and Christine. I can't wait to have enough now to get me by for a while. That is hoping I can get them all to grow.

Christine asked me to thank Susan for the lovely bananas, they're almost yellow, and also the beautiful honey, and also the Paw paw, so thank you "Susan"

p.s. :- have you planted the garlic cloves yet?

Dianne thanks heaps, for the garlic cloves, they have been planted in large pots and all fingers crossed, lol


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