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What a feast today. Beautiful cakes and muffins. Teas of all kinds and most of all great company.

Paul took us in small groups to see the beehives at the top of his garden. Slowly we made our way through the bees' flight path. What a wealth of information! Whilst Paul opens the contraption, the bees diligently continue their relentless work flying in and out as far as 6 km away.

One of Paul' beehive contains about 20,000 bees and produces as much as 60kg a year, not to mention wax, propolis, combs. The honey available for tasting just melted in our mouth and for a moment we were just transported in heaven.

Our visit continued rythmed by the quiet trickle of Paul's pond. Sustained with a solar pump, the pond hosts small fish, beautiful lillies and we are told loads more frogs to join with the warmer days ahead.

A small glimpse of vertical garden on our exit offered an interesting insight into a new experimental way to grow plants in small spaces.

Thanks you Paul for a wonderful begining to our weekend and see you at the next visits!

The feast

The contraption

Extracting the honey through a double filter, first a bucket with holes, then a fine mesh.

The wax.

The pond with all the wetland plants.

The vertical gardening (Sorry I can't get the picture to go vertical...O)

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sounds like a great day!! I'm soooo jealous that i missed it.. but i had a compost working bee today at the community gardens.. and i'm the compost in-charge.. ohwells.. Next time! :) Thanks all who are willing to open their gardens for viewing!

Thanks Valerie, it was great to see people so interested in my garden and the bees - especially the kids - such a joy to watch their inquiring minds at work!

For those interested in further info, or putting their name down for a top bar beekeeping workshop in the future, please email me at Thanks again for all who attended today - great!

I'm really sorry I missed it too Paul.  I was up the coast. 

Thanks for the great review Valerie-Anne.  You've left me quite jealous.  

Thank you for your kind hospitality and such a lovely morning spent in your garden. Valerie-Anne summarised the morning beautifully. Thoroughly enjoyable !!

Thanks Paul I had a lovely and informative morning. Your honey is to die for.

Thank you Paul for showing the group your incredible hillside garden, complete with pond and chicken run right up the top alongside the hive.

Your top bar beehives are just incredible. I believe you have some photos of the day to send me and we'll add them shortly. If anyone else has taken photos please feel free to post them here yourselves, or send them to me by PM or email and I will post for you.

I KNOW!  The group needs a professional photographer.  What?  We have one but he is way stoopid and unreliable?  Oh... dear.... 

Nay, he's just up the coast.

LOL. He's home now.  Cheers mate. 

I should have known to remind you too. Another time.

Thanks everyone for your positive comments - I really enjoyed it. Thanks also to the people who make these things happen - Lissa for the GVs and Farina for the BLF - their work is so important for this thriving food community :)    


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